Why Isn’t Every Homeowner Using solar? Addressing the Misconceptions

In the search for renewable energy to power economies and reduce over-reliance on fossil fuels, solar energy is emerging as a leader in this field. Solar power has been in use for several centuries. With the invention of silicon photovoltaic cells, it became possible to use active solar energy. Solar panels are now increasingly being seen on roofs across the country. But why are some homeowners still not using solar energy?

Though there has been growth in this industry, many homeowners are yet to choose solar energy. Currently, solar energy account for 1.7% of the total US electricity. In this article, we are going to look at reasons preventing homeowners from using solar. Let’s dive in. 

Why Some Homeowners Are Not Using Solar

Many homeowners have properties and roofs that meet solar panel installation requirements. There are numerous benefits that homeowners using solar receive. However, few homeowners are choosing solar energy, and they state the following reasons: 

1. Prohibitive Solar Panels Cost

When most homeowners are asked why they have not considered solar, they state that solar prices are still high. Fortunately, this is not true. You can install solar panels on your roof or property without any cost. Zero down financing option allows homeowners interested in owning solar to get the solar panels at no upfront cost. 

Solar leases and PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement) are available options to use to own solar. Once you install solar panels, you eliminate or significantly reduce your electricity bills. Additionally, homeowners benefit from the investment tax credit from the federal government. This incentive makes solar energy affordable. 

Owning solar panels also allows you to earn credit through net-metering policies. Homeowners who choose solar energy can save more money which makes the investment worth it. 

2. Solar Kills Jobs

Many homeowners give solar a cold reception because of the common misconception that it kills jobs. The fossil fuel industry employs a lot of people. As a result, some people assume that going solar will kill these jobs. 

On the contrary, solar energy is a leading job-creating industry. There are millions of jobs created in the solar industry, with hundreds of thousands created in the US. In fact, there are over 375,000 jobs directly and indirectly linked to the solar energy industry. 

Notably, solar relies heavily on human labor compared to the fossil fuel industry, which relies heavily on machines. This shift creates more jobs, where it currently employs more people than coal. Solar energy jobs entail installation crews, salespeople, manufacturing, and administration. 

3. Solar PV Arrays Are Ugly

There are common misconceptions about solar panels being unsightly on the roof. However, installing quality solar panels can help counter this. High-quality solar panels have a more appealing design. Additionally, solar panels now come in sleek designs. 

Older heritage homes can also install solar panels without affecting the roof’s appearance. In fact, solar panels are now being used to modernize homes—homeowners using solar need to hire the best solar panel installation company for the best design. A good installer will design an aesthetically appealing solar panel array.

4. HOA Ban Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners believe their HOAs will prevent them from installing solar panels. However, this is not the case for most states. According to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE), HOAs can’t restrict solar panel installation. 

5. Solar Does Not Work

Some homeowners believe solar panels do not work. On the contrary, homeowners who have installed solar panels attest they are better than conventional power. Installing solar panels has helped most homeowners eliminate electricity bills allowing them to repay the solar panels’ initial investment. 

When deciding to go solar, it is good to do your research and approach the best installation company. As a result, you will avoid unscrupulous dealers and enjoy solar energy to power your home. Good companies can also do proper design of your system to ensure your system is generating adequate energy.

6. Some Homeowners are Waiting for The Next Technology

Currently, most people want the best and latest technology. However, just like phones and computers, there will always be something new in the solar energy industry. Waiting for the next technology can get in the way of homeowners enjoying free electricity.

The current solar panels are better and more improved. They have higher efficiency, and they generate enough electricity to meet your home’s needs which cushions you from high electricity bills. 

Choosing to go solar is a big decision for homeowners. If your home meets solar panel installation requirements, you can enjoy a tax incentive to reduce costs. Installing solar panels allows you to sustain the jobs created in the industry. Also, you can install high-quality solar panels if your roof’s appearance is a concern.