When Should You Go for Communal Solar Energy?

As solar energy continues to grow, more and more people are starting to appreciate its benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone can install solar power. Some factors, such as living in a condo, unsuitable roof, or renting a living space, can hinder this pursuit. However, for such users, business models such as communal solar energy and shared solar are becoming popular. They are seen as avenues for accessing clean solar energy. 

Community solar energy systems have led to an increase in availability and access to solar energy to communities. Small businesses, residents, organizations have access to solar energy enjoying the perks without hefty initial investments. The entire solar energy system is set up in one central location, giving the consumer more choice. Let’s look at when you should go for shared solar energy.

When you should Choose Communal Solar Energy

solar panel plant

1. An Excellent Option for Renters

Historically, for solar energy installation, you needed to be a homeowner. That system is discriminatory to renters preventing them from accessing affordable and clean energy. The gap created by these stipulations prompted the rise of shared solar systems. As it stands, community solar energy covers people to rent homes, empowering their lives by giving them a choice. The niche market created by this gap shows good promise for solar companies’ revenue growth. If you were feeling left out because of your renting status, shared solar is the one for you.

2. When You Have and Unsuitable Roof

According to government sources, about 50% of homes are unsuitable for solar power installation. Reasons range from lack of adequate space to hold the panels, shade, or issue orientation. Ideally, roofs should face south to make them a perfect fit for solar energy generation.

A communal solar energy project has government freedom to choose the location for the plant. Unfortunately, a rooftop solar installation does not provide the flexibility. If you have such a restricting roof, the choice presented by this system allows you to enjoy solar power.

3. If you don't want to affect the appearance of your home

Are you worried that installing solar will look unsightly and affect the aesthetic of your home? Then, it’s time for you to consider the community solar energy option. Most people have tried to go around the appearance issue by installing a second structure for solar installation. Others prefer ground-mounted solar.

Ideally, most people worried about the aesthetic would want to install solar power and hide it from sight. However, this is an extra cost that few can afford.  Communal solar energy comes in to offer a solution to those who are beauty conscious.

With this solar being in a central location away from your house, you enjoy the benefits of clean energy without affecting your house design.

4. When selling or moving houses

Have you been planning to sell your home or relocate? Nothing says that you cannot still enjoy solar energy advantages before you finalize the deal. Community solar presents you with the flexibility that a home-installed solar system would not. The process for getting connected to such a system is also much faster.

Another advantage for home sellers is that community solar saves you from the hassle of transferring leases and warranties. Also, for those moving with the same electric utility’s location, the solar share is transferable to the new home. You do not have to lose in case where you are moving away. You can sell your solar stake to someone else.

5. When you want to reduce bills through virtual metering

Virtual Net Metering system distributes energy credits to members or subscribers who share the same solar array or community solar. Based on the amount produced by community solar, the subscribers are awarded bill credits. 

If you are looking for opportunities to have a lower electric bill, joining a communal solar system is one way to achieve this.

6. When you want a hassle-free solar system

Any appliances that you install in your home will need maintenance. The solar panel system is no different. For its efficiency and improved lifespan, it is vital to do regular system maintenance. Though you are not directly responsible for the repairs, scheduling inspections and health checks can be a daunting experience. You also need to monitor the system to notice when things are not going well. 

Community solar energy eases this load off your back. There are specific employees tasked with monitoring the system and scheduling maintenance when they see something wrong. If you want such efficiency, then a shared solar energy system is a good option for you.

6. When you evaluate the economies of scale

The simple principle of economies of scale in solar states: larger solar installations lower the average cost. A communal solar system is robust; therefore, it achieves a lower setup cost than individual home installations. You may find the cost of joining shared solar to be lower than the installation cost in the long run. 

Community solar energy systems give people equal access to solar energy resources. They do not discriminate against renters or residents living in apartments. Another merit of the shared solar plants is that they are built at scale. They have professional maintenance that takes the load off the consumer.

One aspect that is most selling for this system is the application process, which is pretty simple. Granted, you need to read through the contract before joining any joint project. However, the process is hassle-free as there are no contractor visits or permits issues other than individual home installation.

Finally, the ability to move within your utility area and keep your participation in a shared solar project provides a portable power solution. Such ease means a consumer cannot be tied down by fear of losing their shared solar benefits.

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