What are Solar Panel Carports?

A solar carport is also known as a solar canopy. It is a structure that not only provides shade to your vehicles but it also generates electricity. Solar carports, however, require much different installation skills and hardware. They are much similar to ground-mounted solar as they use the same installation process.

Solar panel carports are unique in that they do not need a surface or a roof for attachment. They can be found in residential or commercial areas. Here is all you need to know about solar carports.

Definition of Solar Carport

Solar PV carports are different from the installation of solar panels on the roof of an existing carport. Instead, they are custom-built, ensuring they contain solar panels in their structure. The solar panels have two functions: giving shade to vehicles and harnessing sunlight into electricity.

As mentioned earlier, they have a similar technique to ground-mounted solar. In both cases, a mounting surface or roof is not required. Also, they allow the installer to tilt the panels in the most optimal direction. They only differ in that solar carports tend to be taller to accommodate the vehicles.

Benefits of Solar Carports

There are various benefits of using solar carports. These are:

1. Freedom to Customize Your Solar Project

If you are thinking of switching to solar energy and you require more flexibility, this is the project for you. As you install panels on the roof, various factors may limit the number of panels you can install.

With the ground-based solar panel carport, you can build it anywhere and to your desired specifications. Your roof may also be limited in its ability to support your solar project. However, you can use your solar panels carport to meet this need.

2. Reposition Angles Easily

When you look at the solar panel’s efficiency, your roof’s angle has a direct impact on this. As a result, it determines the amount of energy that the panels produce. In contrast, you can have your solar carport structured for optimum production. Optimizing how you position the solar panels has this effect. It may be hard to do the same for rooftop installations.

3. Easy to Integrate Solar Storage and Charging Ports

One other benefit of installing a solar carport is integrating with a home battery or an electric vehicle. Solar storage is an essential consideration if you are going to use solar energy. It gives you coverage when solar energy production is low and at night. A solar carport gives you the freedom to easily add a storage option. You can also connect to the grid to avoid this problem.

If you have or buy an electric vehicle, a carport comes in handy because it is easy to integrate the charging ports to the structure. 

4. Efficient Use of Space

A solar carport, unlike ground-mounted solar, helps you use space efficiently. Generally, the structure is constructed in the same space you would have had the traditional carport. As a result, you get to use space conveniently.

5. Saves Money

As a business, putting up solar carports can help protect you from the rising electricity costs. You can meet the energy demands by generating electricity for your business through solar carports.

Solar canopies are also viable for homeowners as they compare better to ground-mounted or roof solar panels. 

Residential vs. Commercial Carports

Currently, solar carports’ popularity is mostly in the commercial sector than in residential areas. Many businesses are installing large solar panels carports. There are differences in size and layout that will stand out between commercial and residential solar canopies.

Typically, a photovoltaic carport is one, two, or three rows wide. However, solar parking lots are more expansive, spanning dozens or rows in parking spaces. One can use a solar canopy to power their home.

Generally, you can find a solar carport in corporations, recreational centers, churches, and stadiums. These ports are an investment aimed at reducing energy costs. Due to this, it adds value to members and the organization.

Apart from size, commercial, and residential solar PV carports will also vary in angle. Residential areas tend to tilt the solar canopies upward. In a commercial setting, the panels angle slightly, allowing them to provide coverage and shade to many vehicles.

Materials used give residential solar canopies an edge over commercial solar panels carports. For large solar carports, there is a requirement to use a steel metal foundation, contributing to an increase in the cost. Also, smaller canopies have much more flexibility when it comes to design and structure material.

Solar Carport Installation

Seeing solar technology is still relatively new, there may not be as much information about DIY installation. Mostly, it is advisable to employ the services of professional installers. This way, you can avoid any issues that may occur but also keep your warranty intact. Most solar panel manufacturers will void a warranty if they realize you didn’t use professional installation services.

Take Away

The future is solar, and technology is changing to accommodate this growth. These simple structures offer shade and coverage for your cars as they provide you with energy. As you choose the best options to go solar, it is good to look for all the information available. Whether you will settle for rooftop, ground-mounted, or solar canopies will largely depend on the information you will find.

Solar panel installation is a long term investment. You need to be familiar with how solar works as well as your options. Requesting quotes from several companies allows you to get the best deal.

You will derive significant benefits from your solar canopy instead of using any other material such as metal or plastic to provide shade. As they protect your cars from the elements, you can gain electricity to power your home. In the end, such a simple installation can save you money as it requires little maintenance.

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