Solar Energy Wylie, TX

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Do you want to gain control over your utility bills? Solar energy is the best option in Wylie, TX. You can install solar panels on your premises and bid the utility company goodbye. Solar power supports different applications at home. You can use your solar panel system to heat, light, and cool; just like conventional electricity.

If you want to go solar in Wylie, contact Dynamic for solar installation at the most affordable market rates. Most homes use small solar panel systems, and they sustain their consumption. All we need is to assess factors like roof orientation and angle to determine the solar panels you need for your home.

Get a free solar energy quote in Wylie at the comfort of your home. All you should do is contact us, and we use your address to assess your roof. We also use your utility bills to estimate your monthly energy consumption. With the data, we can give you a precise solar quote that will help you to calculate the cost of solar panels you require for your home.


On average, most residential solar installations are 5 kW for basic consumption. But you can accommodate future plans like expansion or purchase of electric vehicles. 

Solar Panel Cost in Wylie, TX

Most solar panel companies in Wylie sell the products at $2.8/W. The cost could be lower for high power solar energy systems. You can use this figure to make the cost estimate of your project.

The federal government offers solar investment tax credit for all installation. The current rate is 26% for both commercial and residential solar installation in Wylie. However, the rates will drop to 22% in 2021. After 2022, the government will scrap off ITC for residential installation but retain a 10% incentive for commercial projects.

It would help if you took advantage of the government incentives to reduce solar energy system installation costs. You can also apply for local solar incentives like rebates from organizations that advocate for green energy. Although Texas does not have a solar rebate program, most utility companies have incentives. However, the number of beneficiaries is usually limited.

Solar Panel Capacity

Cost (2.8 × System Size)

Net Cost (Cost-ITC)

4 kW



5 kW



6 kW



7 kW



8 kW



9 kW



10 kW



The government incentives can help you reduce the cost of installing solar panels in Wylie, TX, by thousands of dollars. Solar energy installation is also a property value addition project. It is estimated that the installation can increase the value by up to 4%. Fortunately, there is a property tax exemption for the increase in the value of your property. You can install the panel without the worry of incurring additional property tax. 

Benefits of Solar Energy

By 2050, solar energy will be the primary source of electricity in the world. Compared to the conventional sources of energy, solar energy is clean. That means it can help to reduce environmental pollution. Sources like coal and geothermal power contribute directly and indirectly to global warming.

According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), solar energy installation in Wylie to full potential would be equivalent to planting over 4 million trees over a decade. This would also eliminate 170k metric tons of carbon dioxide from the environment. Mother Nature has a solution for most environmental challenges we face today. 

Apart from the environmental benefits of solar energy, there are also economic advantages. Homes that use solar power in Wylie save around $120 month as electricity bills. The amount will keep increasing as electricity rates keep going up every year. The financial benefits of solar energy are certain. You could save more than $12,000 in a decade. The amount is enough to help you install a 5 kW solar panel system in Wylie. The system can serve you for more than 30 years.

Solar Panel Installation Companies in Wylie, TX

Dynamic Slr is your go-to store for all your solar installation and products. We have a list of quality solar panels and accessories which can last for decades. Apart from that, we have a team of professional solar installers who serve Wylie, TX.


As a locally-based company, we fully understand all the dynamics of your city regarding solar energy. We know the weather patterns, and we can advise accordingly on the size of the system that can sustain you even during cloudy days. Solar panels can retain up to 25% of the total capacity when the weather is unfavorable.