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In our years of experience, we have been asked multiple questions about switching to solar energy in Watauga, Texas. We have compiled a detailed list of questions and answers you have about solar installation. We’ve been in business for quite a while now. We have found that our customers like doing a bit of research to get information about the benefits, timeline, and incentives that come by going solar in Watauga, Texas.


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Most Common Solar Panel Installation Questions & Answers

What is the average amount that one can look to save when they switch to solar energy in Watauga, Texas?

The average homeowner in the United States saved approximately 50-60% of their energy costs by switching to solar energyHowever, the amount you reduce on your electricity bill is compared to the size of the solar panel system you have. The best news about Watauga, Texas is that the city receives about 12 hours of sunlight a day, making it an ideal place to have a solar energy system and panels.

Solar design technology can use a satellite image of the top of your home, and we can position solar panels accordingly on the virtual draft. From there – we can see which panel configuration yields the best results in sunlight absorption, which will maximize your return on investment.

Does installing a solar energy system for my Watauga, Texas home increase it’s value?

Most definitely. According to Zillow – a home with solar panel system can be sold at 4.1% higher than comparably-sized homes that don’t have solar panels installed. It pays to go solar in more ways than one. If you decide to sell your Watauga, Texas home, you will not only sell it for a higher price, but also it will look more attractive. The solar energy system guarantees lower energy costs.


Also, Texas is one of the few states that exempts sales tax on your solar energy system when you sell your home. You can keep a dollar per dollar amount from the sale of your solar energy system in your property.

How long does a solar panel/solar energy system installation take?

The moment we finalize on cost deliberations and purchase the products- it will take anywhere between 7-10 days to finish with your installation. The things that take long to get are the city permits, incentive applications, and licenses needed to install said solar energy system. Once we get the permits – the installation is fairly quick and simple. This will be done accordingly to your schedule as well, so there will be no intrusions on our part.

What incentives are there for my switch to solar energy in Watauga, Texas?

Currently, there are no city-wide incentives for switching over to solar energy in Watauga, Texas. However, there is a Federal Tax Credit incentive that you can apply for when you go solar. This Federal Tax Credit allows you to use 26% of the purchase price and installation cost as a credit for your income taxes.


For example, if your purchase/installation costs amounted to $20,000 – you can use a credit of $5,200 on your income taxes. You can save more income within the first year of going solar, alongside your monthly energy savings.


You must act quickly to utilize this Federal Tax Credit – as it will reduce to 22% in 2021, and will be scrapped off in 2022 for residential properties.

Does switching to solar energy in Watauga, Texas mean I’m completely off the grid?

Unfortunately, a solar energy system does not take you completely off the grid. A lot of our past customers have asked us if going solar means that you will no longer pay your utility providers – which is incorrect. With a solar energy system – any energy you use during the day is produced by your solar panels, and any excess energy is transferred to your utility provider. Your utility provider then purchases the power. Then, the company gives you solar credit – which is applied to your monthly energy bill. At night, you can’t harness energy from your solar panels. You rely on your utility provider’s energy.


However, you can go off grid, if you install solar energy storage batteries alongside your solar panel system. An energy storage system stores any of the unused energy during the day for use at night time or in cases of emergency. This way, you’ll gain full independence from your utility company. You will no longer incur electricity bills for the rest of your time in your Watauga, Texas home.


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