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University Park, Texas is known for many things. The first thing that comes to mind is Southern Methodist University, and Meadows Museum which houses the largest collection of Spanish art in the entire United States. The college-town has many homeowners and solar energy can help them. In terms of formal education – there are more college graduates in University Park than in all of Texas – which makes the switch to solar energy in University Park a no brainer.

In this article, we will break down the different benefits of switching to solar energy in University Park. You will know the value that solar energy can give to your home, the environment, and for future generations.

If you want to go solar in University Park, you’re in the right place. Dynamic Solar is one of the best solar companies in Texas. We deliver unmatched solar installation services and affordability. We guide you on everything – from A to Z. So let’s get down to business and show you how solar energy can help you and your family in University Park, Texas.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in University Park, TX

Reduce Air Pollution and The Effects of Climate Change with Solar Energy

University Park receives thousands of visitors every year. From out of state college students, to local students – the amount of cars driven within this city is mind-blowing. What is even scarier is the amount of air pollution/ carbon emissions from the transport system. By switching to solar energy in University Park, not only are you doing your part in the fight against climate change, but you are also reducing the amount of air pollution and the amount of carbon emissions from your home. Fossil fuels power more than 80% of Texas’s energy – and with that, a tremendous amount of greenhouses gases are emitted into the atmosphere.


Year after year we are seeing the horrible effects of fossil fuels on global climate, and the bolstered power it gives to hurricanes. By switching to solar energy in University Park – you are making the conscious decision to use clean and renewable power, that will give your children (and their kids) an ability to enjoy nature to its fullest, without the harmful effects of climate change.

How Much You Can Save By Switching to Solar Energy in University Park

On average, a homeowner in the United States saves up to 50-60% of their energy costs when they have switched over to solar energy in the United States. These savings are huge – and especially in Texas, where everything is bigger. Texans pay the most for their electricity and have paid more than every state over the past two years. The reason behind it is this – the state of Texas has seen a rise in energy costs by 4.1% in the last two years, in terms of energy rates. In comparison, the rest of the United States has seen an average rise of .3%.


Texans not only pay more for power, but the costs of said power are increasing by a bigger margin than the rest of the US. By switching to solar energy, not only will you protect your household from these rising energy costs, but you will also be generating your own power. Your solar energy system in University Park, Texas harnesses sunlight during the day which will lead to limitless power throughout the day. Any excess energy is sent to your utility provider. The utility company gives you a credit which is taken off of your monthly energy bill.


However, you must understand that by switching to solar energy you’re doing more than just saving money. You are also saving the environment. Not only are you going green, but you are also saving green – in more ways than one.


If you’re looking to get “off-the-grid” by going solar, you can also install an energy storage system that will work as a dynamic partner for your solar energy system. You will store all the energy you don’t use throughout the day for use at night. Not only will this make you energy independent – but you will no longer have to pay your utility providers. Since you don’t use any energy from the grid, you will not have an energy bill.

Increase The Resale Value of Your University Park, Texas Home

Solar energy installation in University Park, Texas can save you money on a monthly basis while protecting the environment. It can also boost the value of your property. According to Zillow – a home with solar panels and a solar energy system will sell at a 4.1% higher value than comparable homes without solar panels. So not only will you create additional value for your home, but you will also have more potential buyers interested in the purchase of your home.

Having a solar energy system pre-installed gives a unique value proposition for buyers. This edges out the competition should you decide to sell your property.

Solar energy provides many benefits for your University Park home and does more than just save you money on a monthly basis. It helps our environment on a local and global scale, while allowing you to be independent from the grasp of utility energy providers.

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Also, ask us about the Federal Tax Credit – and how much it can save you on your purchase and installations costs (but act quickly, for the tax credit will end in 2022, and reduces in 2021).

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