Solar Energy Texas City, TX

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Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018) shows that Texas City has less than 50 solar installations. The city has less than 50 buildings with solar panels. Considering the Texas City has more than 15,000 roofs eligible for solar energy, the current number is almost negligible.

If you want to go solar in Texas City, the first step is to get an installation company to guide you through the process. Every search for solar panel companies near me may give you a ton of results, making it difficult to choose. It is not easy to select a solar installer with hundreds or even thousands of options. Dynamic SLR can help you solve the dilemma. We have reliable installation services and quality solar panels from top brands.

Because solar energy is a long term investment, you should decide after in-depth analysis. Because we understand this, we offer long term warranties as a quality guarantee. Our solar panel suppliers in Texas City follow the industry standards to ensure a seamless transition from conventional electricity.

What is the Cost of Solar Energy in Texas City, TX?

Does solar energy make financial sense? This is a common concern for most homeowners and businesses before going solar. The average cost of electricity in Texas City, TX, is approximately $1,500 every month. For commercial properties and businesses, the cost could even be 10 times more. You don’t have to keep paying the hefty electricity bills year after year. You can install solar panels in Texas City, TX, and say goodbye to the utility provider. 

On average, solar panel systems have a lifespan of around 25 years. Considering the average price of solar panels ($2.8 per watt), it would take about 8 years to pay back the initial cost through solar savings. After the payback period, you will enjoy free energy from the sun for years, if not decades.

Some factors may affect the size of the solar panel system you require for your home or office. The roof orientation, angle, current electricity consumption, and climate are the primary aspects to consider. At Dynamic SLR, we offer a free solar quote to potential clients. To start us off, fill the request form, and we are good to go.

For our case, we will consider a 7 kW solar panel system:

7 kW = 7,000 W

Therefore: 7000 × 2.8 = 19,600


Federal and State Solar Incentives

The federal government, utility companies, and green energy advocacy organizations offer incentives. Solar power has numerous benefits to the economy, society, and environment. Currently, there are over 242,000 employees in the United States solar energy industry. Globally, the sector has more than 11 million employees working as assemblers, engineers, salespeople, and installers. The environmental benefits are the primary motivation for solar energy incentives. Here are some rebates you can apply for: 

  • Solar rebates from the local governments & organizations
  • Property tax exemptions
  • Federal government investment tax credit (ITC)
  • Low-interest loans

Texas does not have any statewide solar rebates. However, green energy advocacy organizations and utility companies offer incentives. In most cases, these incentives are limited and only available for a few homeowners or offices. 

The federal government offers 26% investment tax credit. The government will scrap the residential property incentives by 2022, while commercial properties will retain a permanent 10% ICT. In 2021, the ITC rate will drop to 22%. You can take advantage of the offer to reduce solar panel installation cost in Texas City, TX.

 At Dynamic SLR, we can connect you with financial institutions that offer attractive financing options like loans, leases, and power purchase agreements. For solar loans, you gain full control of the solar panel system, while in PPA and leases, the facilitator is in charge of the panels. 

Solar Panel Maintenance in Texas City, TX

Maintenance costs are the only expenses you pay for after the initial capital. You can also clean your solar panels if the height of your roof is not risky. The solar panel system requires a single cleaning annually, especially where there is regular rainfall. You should trim any shade and remove objects blocking maximum exposure to the sun. Checking any rusty or faulty parts also keeps the solar energy system in top working condition.
There are many solar panel cleaning companies in Texas City, TX. Dynamic SLR is your go-to solar panel installer. We have quality solar panels and professional staff who will help you go solar and bid the electricity company goodbye.