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Solar energy has been around for quite some time now, but many households and businesses around the United States have not recognized the profound benefits that switching to solar energy can provide for them. The biggest benefit of switching to solar energy is the reduction of carbon emissions, and the money you will save from long term usage. Climate change is the biggest issue in the present and near future, as we are now scrambling to figure out how to slow down its effects, and how we as a global community can make changes for the better. If you’re looking to help out mother nature and your local community, switching to solar energy is one the best things you can do.


You will clear up more air pollution by reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to energize your home, and you can blunt the effects of climate change on the global community. Your business can also reap massive financial rewards from switching to solar energy as well.


Becoming a green business is no longer a specialty anymore – it’s a requirement. The biggest companies in the world are pushing towards more eco-friendly practices, and as we say in the solar industry – going green makes green, and saves green.

In this article, we will show you the benefits your business and home can receive with a switch to solar energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home Or Business

Independence from Your Utility Providers

Texans have been paying an increase of 4.1% on their energy costs for the past two years. In comparison to the rest of the United States, the average household and business in other states have paid only a .3% increase in energy costs. Texas produces the most power for the entirety of the continental United States, so why are its residents paying more for power? Terrell, Texas has nearly 14 hours of sunlight every day, and as a business person or homeowner – you should take advantage of that. By switching to solar energy, you produce your power, and you will have a “fixed” cost when it comes to energy.


You will no longer have to continue paying the rising costs for electricity, and you will have a predictable energy bill at the end of every month – including the hot summer months.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

This is the biggest benefit you can have by switching to solar energy, for your Terrell, Texas home or business. Homeowners and business owners alike should see a reduction of 50-60% on their energy bills when they switch over to solar energy.

The biggest takeaway from this is that you will save on your monthly energy bills and you will help with the fight against climate change.

Your Business Will Gain a Better Reputation

Remember when we said that the biggest companies in the world are becoming more eco-friendly? Well, as the saying goes – you should follow the money. Being eco-friendly is a big value proposition in today’s economy and it shows how progressive you are as a company. By having the status of an environmentally friendly company, you will attract more customers and clients.


This same customer base will love the fact that you are combating climate change with clean and renewable energy, and they want to support you as such. Customers who don’t want to deal with fighting climate change themselves would rather support a business that is doing so. By reducing the amount you spend on your operational costs i.e. for energy – you will have more profits at the end of each quarter.

On top of that, you will be seeing more customers than before if you market that you are a clean energy business.

Your Home's Value Increase

According to Zillow, a home with solar panels installed and solar energy systems can be sold for more than 4.1% higher than a comparable home without a solar energy system and panels. Also, the state of Texas forbids sales tax for the solar energy system when the home is sold; so you will get a dollar for dollar payback from the system without taxes getting in the way.

Having a pre-installed solar energy system and solar panels will entice potential homebuyers to purchase your home. If they know about the benefits of solar energy, they will pay a premium, to pay less for energy over the time they own the home.

You Can Use An Energy Storage System in Tandem With Your Solar Panels

Any unused energy that your solar energy system creates will be sent to your utility energy provider. They will give you a credit on your monthly energy bill for the energy you have produced for them.


However, by using an energy storage system, you will never have to pay another energy bill ever again. Any unused energy will be sent towards your energy storage system, and you will be able to use that energy at night. You are now completely off-the-grid, and you will never pay another energy bill ever again.


As a business, and energy storage system will also allow you to work and turn a profit during a rolling blackout or natural disaster. While you and your business are pushing out more products and services, your competitors will be left in the dark.


In conclusion –


By switching to solar energy in Terrell, Texas – you will save more money per month on your electricity bill while protecting yourself from rising energy costs. As a business, you can show your customer base that you are eco-friendly, showing a unique sales point that will separate you from your competitors. As a homeowner, solar energy will also increase the value of your home, should you want to sell it in the future.


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