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Solar energy is one of the very best solutions for the fight against climate change. If you’re from Seagoville, Texas – you know how hot it can get in the daytime, let alone the summertime. Rising temperatures and sea levels plague Texas, and you can do your part in the fight against it. It is the best time to switch over to solar energy in Seagoville, Texas – because you will not only save more on your monthly energy bills, but you will also take a step forward in the fight against climate change. It’s better to worry now and provide a solution, then to feel the wrath of rising carbon emissions.


In this article, we will talk about why it’s the best time to switch to solar energy and the benefits that come from switching. If you’re curious about getting solar panels installed or the process time for a solar panel installation, call us here at (phone number.)

Now is the Best Time to Switch to Solar Energy

You Will Raise the Value of your Seagoville, Texas Home

By switching to solar energy, the appreciated value of your home will rise. According to Zillow, homes that have solar panels and a solar energy system sell for a median average of 4.1% more in comparison to similar homes without solar panels. The state of Texas also forbids sales tax on selling your solar panels and solar energy system from the sale of your home. This means that you will be getting a dollar for dollar (and sometimes higher) return for the sale of your solar energy system alongside your home. By switching to solar energy, you will save on your monthly energy bills, and create an increase of value for your home. Potential home buyers will also be more enticed to buy your solar-powered home. By purchasing a home with solar panels pre-installed and pre-serviced, they won’t have to pay high energy costs – which is an additional attribute you can use to sell your Seagoville home.

Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Costs

Did you know that Texans pay the most for their power? For the past two years, Texas energy rates have risen by more than 4.1%. In comparison to other states who have had an increase of only .3%. Even though the state of Texas produces the most power for the entirety of the United States, its residents pay the most for energy. By switching over to solar energy, you will protect yourself and your family from these rising energy costs. This is because your solar panels and solar energy system will actively make you near-limitless power during the day time. Also, any energy you don’t use during the daytime will be sent to your energy utility providers, who will then credit your monthly energy bill.

You have now become more independent from your utility energy provider – and in doing so, you have protected yourself from further increases in energy rates. This is why you should begin your switch into solar energy now, versus later. You will save more money, and you will never have to pay higher costs for energy.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Remember how we said that by switching to solar energy you will protect yourself from rising energy costs? Well, by switching to solar energy, you will also reduce the amount of energy costs you will have as well. On average, the typical American homeowner looks to save anywhere from 50-60% on their energy bills when they make the switch to solar energy. One of the best parts about this reduction in your energy costs is that you can actively use your air conditioner or fans during the summertime without any guilt in raising your energy costs. By switching to solar energy now, you will save more in the long run, while giving yourself ample energy during the day time.

Also, with all of your savings – you can actively reinvest into other things, pay off debts, or even buy something fun for you and your family. The choices are infinite, but you will start saving more when you switch to solar energy sooner rather than later.

The Federal Tax Credit

This is the biggest reason why you should switch over to solar now, versus later. We recommend you take advantage of this federal tax credit, because by 2022, there will no longer be a federal incentive for you to switch over to solar energy as a homeowner in America.

The federal tax credit gives you a credit of 26% of the costs associated with your solar panel installation and solar energy system construction. If you were to spend $10,000 on your solar energy system – you will receive a credit of $2600 on your income taxes.

You look to save more on your hard-earned money the first year you switch over to solar energy. The government does this to make the switch into clean energy more lucrative and more enticing for homeowners across the nation. By 2021, the credit will decrease to 22% – and will completely disappear by 2022. That’s why we recommend for you to switch to solar energy now – because we can help you file those applications, and get you the most out of your switch to solar energy.

In conclusion –

By switching to solar energy for your Seagoville home now versus later, you will save more money every month, you will protect yourself and your family from rising energy costs in Texas, and you will raise the value of your home. On top of all that, you will be able to take advantage of the 26% credit that the government will give you for your income taxes.

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