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Temperatures around the world are rising at an unprecedented rate – and the effects of climate change are being seen everywhere. From the raging fires in the Pacific Northwest to the stronger and many amounts of hurricanes we’ve been experiencing in the South, we need to take action immediately to help ease the effects of climate change.

Solar energy is one the best and most cost-efficient solutions to do such a thing, and by switching over to solar energy in Royse City, Texas – you’ll be able to reduce your own energy costs and fight against the effects of climate change.

One of the great things about switching to solar energy in Royse City, Texas is the fact that the municipality enjoys 14 hours of sunlight every day. Pair that with a great design, a professional solar panel installation, and an efficient solar energy system – you and your family will have near-limitless amounts of power during the day. Any energy you don’t use from your solar energy system will be sent towards your utility providers, who will credit you on your monthly energy bill.

In this article, we will show you neat tips and tricks that will allow you to maximize your savings with your switch to solar energy, and the benefits of switching to solar energy for your Royse City, Texas home.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy

Protection from the Rising Costs of Energy in Texas

Texas is infamously known for its rising energy rates. In fact, since 2018 – Texas has increased its energy rates by 4.1% per year. In contrast, the average American household pays an increase of about .3% per year. Texas creates the most power for the continental United States, but its residents pay the most for power to every other homeowner in the US. When you switch over to solar energy, you will effectively make your energy costs “fixed.”

By having solar panels installed and a solar energy system, you protect yourself from the rising costs of energy because you are now making your own.

For example, if you were to somehow get your gas prices fixed at $2 per gallon for the rest of your life – wouldn’t you do it? Everyone else will have to pay fluctuating prices for their gas for the rest of their lives, while you can predictably pay only $2 per gallon every time you fill-up.

That’s the power of solar energy – predictability for your energy bill, which is at a reduced cost, and protection against rising costs for power. You become independent from your utility energy provider, and you are now paying less for energy for the rest of your life.

Maximize Your Savings

When you switch over to solar energy for your Royse City home, you will immediately feel the savings. You will have near-limitless amounts of power in the morning, which means you can leave your air conditioning unit on, guilt-free. We know Texas summers are scorching hot, but with even more sunlight out, you will have even more solar energy to power your home. On average, an American household looks to save anywhere from 50-60% of their energy costs when they switch over to solar energy. On top of that, you can keep your home cooler throughout the hot afternoons, while carrying on that coolness for the rest of the evening. With all the money you save on your energy costs – you can reinvest, pay off your debts, or even buy something nice for you or your family.

We also believe by making these small changes, you will be able to maximize more out of your solar energy panels and solar energy system.

If you’re currently working from home, make sure to completely turn off your computer whenever you are not using it. Computers are the biggest energy users in your home, besides the air conditioning unit.

Unplug idle electronics: electronics such as microwaves, printers, televisions, and even chargers cause the phenomenon known as “phantom power” in which electricity still gets sent into it, even if it isn’t being used.

Switch over to LED Lightbulbs. LED Light Bulbs are our number one recommendation for families looking to save money on their energy bills and to go greener. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs.

Pair all of these tips alongside your solar energy system, and you’ll be saving a tremendous amount of energy every month.

Having The Ability To Store Energy

Switching to solar energy is the first part of living truly off-the-grid. When you switch over to solar energy, you actually still pay your utility provider for the energy you use at night. However, there is a way to harness and store that power that your solar panels and solar energy system has made for you. An energy storage system, such as a Tesla Powerwall, can actively hone in the energy your solar panels have absorbed from sunlight. Any energy you don’t use throughout the day will be sent into a gigantic battery versus being sent to your utility provider. From there, any energy you will need at night will be used from your energy storage system. Because you are not using any energy from your utility energy provider, you will no longer have an energy bill. Thus, reducing your costs to zero. You are now completely off-the-grid, and your carbon emissions levels are virtually zero as well.

Also, in cases of emergency like a natural disaster or a rolling blackout, your energy storage system will have ample energy to keep your home nice and safe. You will be able to contact emergency services, use wifi, and keep your perishables nice and refrigerated. On top of that, you can wait for just the very next morning for more power from the sun!

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