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Rowlett, Texas is one of the fastest-growing communities in the entirety of the United States, let alone Texas. Know for its upscale design and its location next to Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett, Texas is one of the most innovative and luxurious cities in all of Texas. Due to its growing population and affluence, the city of Rowlett has become a beacon for renewable energy resources as highlighted by its Residential Green Building Program. It states that all buildings built after February of 2008 must be certified as Energy Star compliant, and how every residential home must be at the “minimum standards for energy efficiency, conservation of water, indoor air quality and waste recycling for single-family residential buildings.”

Now – what does this mean for solar energy in Rowlett, Texas? With a growing community and a workforce that been primarily working from home – the amount of energy needed by the Rowlett community has increased in the last 2 years. There are a ton of benefits that come with using solar energy, for both residential and commercial properties.


In this article, we will breakdown why it’s the best time to go solar in Rowlett, Texas – for both businesses and homeowners.

Reduced Energy Bills

This is the main reason why residents and businesses in Rowlett, Texas switch to solar energy. Your solar panels and solar energy system serve as your very own power plant – and reduces your energy costs. Throughout the day – your solar energy system will constantly absorb the sun’s rays and convert it into usable energy. From there, any energy your home/business needs can be used throughout the day. When nighttime comes around, you will still have to use your utility providers energy. (Unless you have an energy storage system, which we will explain in a bit). Any energy you don’t use throughout the day is then sent to your utility provider, which is then credited to your monthly energy bill. You should see an average of a 50-60% reduction in your energy bills.

This goes doubly for commercial properties as well. If your business can save 50% on your energy costs every month, wouldn’t you say that’s a wise investment? You can also use your solar energy system as a promotional bid – to show that your business is progressive and environmentally friendly, which will give you an edge in your industry.

There is also a way to reduce your energy costs to $0 as well… and to become completely independent from your utility energy provider.

By using an energy storage system – such as a Tesla Powerwall, you can harvest all of the energy your solar panels have produced on your Rowlett, Texas home or business and store it for later use. Any energy that you produce during the day will be stored in your battery, for use at night or in times of emergency.

As a homeowner, you will no longer have an electric bill and you are free from the rising costs of energy in the state of Texas. As a business owner, you will have protection against any natural disasters or sudden power outages, and you can continue to do business while your competitors are left in the dark.


In order to make the most use of these savings, you must transition to solar energy in Rowlett, Texas sooner than later. You can make the most out of your solar energy system before the wintertime – due to the fact that there is less sunlight within the day. Also, there is a timetable for a certain Federal Tax Credit – an incentive for homeowners and business owners to both transition to solar energy in Rowlett, Texas.

Expriration of the Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Government enacted a solar energy incentive which gave homeowners and business owners a credit for installing solar panels and a solar energy system. The incentive gave a credit on your income taxes. In 2016 – the credit was 30% of the cost of your solar energy system and installation, and would drop subsequently as time moved forward. Now the credit is at 26% and will drop to 22% by 2021. Finally, the solar tax credit incentive will no longer be available in 2022 and after.

If you were to install a solar energy system worth $10,000 – you will receive an income tax credit of $2,600. You save more on your taxes – while saving on your monthly energy bills at the very same time. Some clever solar energy system owners in Rowlett, Texas have even included their energy storage system within the credit as well. With no costs related to their power – they can freely use an increased credit towards their income taxes.

That is why its the best time to purchase a solar energy system in Rowlett, Texas – the federal tax credit will lower next year, and be nonexistent the following year after that. In order to get the most bang for your buck – now is the time to transition to solar energy for your Rowlett, Texas home or business.

If you’re on the fence about transitioning to solar energy for your home or business in Rowlett, Texas – the best time to switch is now. Not only will you save more money sooner, but you will have the ability to save and reinvest your earnings into something practical, functional, or simply fun for you and the family. As the tax credit decreases within the next year – you will not be able to utilize your money in the most efficient way for your solar energy system, and by 2022, that tax credit will vanish.

The best time to switch to solar energy in Rowlett, Texas is now – and we’re the best solar company to transition with. At Dynamic SLR, we’ll make sure to guide you through your green and clean energy path – while providing the best in class for customer service and affordable pricing.

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