Solar Energy Rosenberg, TX

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Solar panel installation requires some assessment before starting the process. One of the essential factors to consider is the sun peak hours. Although it is possible to estimate the time when there is optimum sunshine in your location, some regions have longer days or nights depending on the season. Solar peak hours refer to the time when solar panels receive at least 1,000 watts per square meter.

Another crucial consideration when installing solar panels in Rosenberg, TX, is the roof orientation and angle. For maximum energy harnessing, the solar panels should face south. The roof should be moderately slanted to enhance energy absorption from the sun. 

At Dynamic SLR, we give you a free solar quote to help you make an informed decision when going solar in Rosenberg, TX. We also give you the optimum solar design to make the optimum use of your roof. Because we understand the impact of climate on solar power, we comprehensively analyze all the weather probabilities and how they affect the solar panel system capacity. 

When selecting solar panel installers in Rosenberg, TX, you should go for licensed companies. Apart from that, consider the reputation of the company. Customer reviews come in handy in establishing the quality of the services the solar installers offer. The quality of solar panels also determines the lifespan of your solar panel system and the depreciation rate. 

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power is clean energy; this means it does not pollute the environment. From the generation, installation, and use, solar energy does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. On the contrary, it helps in the reduction of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

The solar energy industry contributes to the creation of jobs in the USA. Currently, over 240,000 people are working in the sector. Globally, more than 11 million people work in the solar energy industry. Statistics indicate that 13 installation job-years and 20 manufacturing job-years are created for each Megawatt of solar energy installed. The sector employs engineers, installation technicians, assemblers, and salespeople.

Businesses and homeowners reap big from the solar installation on their premises. First, solar energy eliminates or reduces utility bills for decades. You could save up to $2,000 every year as a homeowner. For businesses, the amount could even be 10 times more. Another advantage of solar energy for homes is the appreciation of property. Solar panels can increase the value of a building by more than 4%. The increment does not attract extra property tax. 

Saving with Solar Energy in Rosenberg, TX

EIA Data indicates that the average electricity rate in Rosenberg, TX, is 11.82¢ per kWh. On average, homes consume around 1.633 kWh of electricity, making the monthly cost $193 per month.

You don’t have to keep paying the hefty electricity costs in Rosenberg, TX. Solar energy can help you gain energy independence and bid the utility provider goodbye. For most homes, the cost of solar panel installation ranges between $10,000 and $30,000. The majority of households spend an average of $13,000 to install solar. Solar energy can eliminate or cut your utility bills by more than 20%. 

Here are solar panel systems estimated installation prices in Rosenberg, TX:

Residential 5 kW system

Average solar panel system cost (inclusive of installation cost) = $20,950

(-) Federal government’s investment tax credit = 26% with no maximum

Final cost after the ITC deductions= $15,503

Est. energy saving per year = $1,500

Estimated payback period: 10 years

Commercial 50 kW system

The estimated price of the system (inclusive of installation cost) = $193,500

(-) Federal tax credit= 26% with no maximum

The final cost of the system after tax credit= $ 103,600

Est. energy saving per year=$ 15,000

Time to recover the cost= 7 years

Is It Worth Going Solar in Rosenberg, TX?

For most commercial and residential properties, solar energy in Rosenberg, TX is worth considering. Apart from the environmental, social, and economic benefits of solar energy, here are some reasons to go solar.

A 26% incentive: the federal government offers an investment tax credit for commercial and residential solar installation in Rosenberg. However, the incentives will reduce to 22% in 2021. In 2022, only commercial properties will receive a permanent 10% ITC.

The cost of electricity is considerably high in Texas compared to other states. The other alternatives to conventional electricity like wind energy, require heavy capital investment. Therefore, solar energy becomes the best option. 

The maintenance cost for solar panels is almost negligible. It is also possible to clean solar panels without involving technicians if your roof is safe. Contact Dynamic SLR today and start your journey to clean, renewable, and cheaper energy.