Solar Energy Rockwall, TX

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Rockwall receives at least 230 days of sunlight annually. This shows that Rockwall has a lot of potential to go solar. You could be next. But for most people, getting a reliable solar panel installation company proves to be an uphill task. 

You can rely on Dynamic Slr services for a flawless transition from conventional electricity to solar energy. We also have quality solar accessories and solar panels in Rockwall, TX. We have helped both residential and commercial premises say goodbye to the hefty utility bills and enjoy solar energy.

Why should you choose us? First, we have a team of dedicated customer support and professional solar installers in Rockwall. You can count on us for impeccable services and quality products. As a quality guarantee, we offer extensive warranties.

Because we are a locally-based solar installation company, we understand all the dynamics of the city. We fully understand the weather patterns and other aspects that affect the size of your solar panel system. Therefore, you can trust our advice. 

Solar Panel Cost in Rockwall, TX

The current cost of solar panels in Rockwall, TX, is around $2.8 per watt. You can use the amount to estimate the price of your solar panel system. Some of the factors that affect the capacity include roof orientation, current consumption, future plans, and roof angle.

On average, homes in Rockwall spend $1,500 on electricity bills annually. Per month, you pay around $120, but the amount could be even higher for commercial buildings. You can go solar and save the amount. Solar panels can last for up to 30 years and retain a capacity of more than 80% after a decade.

Using your average yearly consumption, you can estimate the payback period of your solar panel system. If we take a 6 kW solar panel system as an example, we can estimate the cost.

6,000 × 2.8 = 16,800

The federal government offers solar investment tax credit at 26%. Therefore, you will only part with 74% of the total cost to install solar panels in Rockwall.

16,800 × 74% = $12,432

After getting the net cost, you can get the number of years it will take for the project payback.

12,342 ÷ 1,500 = 8.3 years


From the 9th year after solar panel installation, you will enjoy free energy on your premises. 

Why Go Solar in Rockwall, TX?

Solar energy has numerous benefits, both economic and environmental. First, it plays a critical role in the preservation of our environment. If Rockwall city were to go solar to full potential, it would be equivalent to planting over 4 million trees over a decade. The projects would reduce carbon dioxide by 117,00 metric tons. With the current concern over global warming, the world is taking the necessary measures and solar energy installation is one of the contributors to conservation.

The world faces a potential 2°C increase in temperature by 2050. You can be part of the solution. Choose solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint. The industry is a significant target in meeting the target of 2 from 4 metric tons of carbon per person.


Apart from the environment, solar energy is also a source of employment. The industry has close to 250,000 employees, according to EESI. The opportunities will keep increasing if the projections made are anything to go by. By 2050, solar power will be the primary source of energy in the world.

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid Solar Panel System

You can go solar in Rockwall entirely or use the grid-tied solar panel system. Off-grid solar panels require energy storage batteries to store the power your panels harness in excess. You can use the batteries at night or on cloudy days when the supply is low. However, it is essential to note that solar panels can produce up to 25% of their capacity during cloudy days. The off-grid solar energy system in Rockwall requires more capital to purchase lithium batteries.

The grid-tied solar system relies on the utility company for back up during cloudy days and at night. You can use the net-metering system to supply the excess energy you harness to the electricity company. When your solar panels are low on output, you can redeem the amount you supplied to the grid.

Whether you opt for grid-tied or off-grid solar panels, it all depends on your requirements. Where the climate is uncertain, the grid-tied solar panel system is the best option.