Solar Energy Richardson, TX

Do you want the best cost of solar panels in Richardson, TX? Get in touch with us today for a deal.

Out of all the roofs in Richardson, 90% are eligible for solar installation. However, only a few roofs have solar panels in Richardson. If you want to gain full independence from the utility company, you can go solar. The first step in solar panel installation in Richardson, TX is getting a solar quote.

At Dynamic Slr, we can give you a free solar cost estimate at the comfort of your home. We use your address to identify your building, its solar capacity, roof orientation, and shading. These factors are essential in the estimation of a solar energy system that can sustain your consumption. Your past electricity bills help us to do an average of your energy usage.

The average home in Richardson uses around $1,500 every year on electricity. The amount could even be higher for commercial buildings.  You can say goodbye to the recurrent bills if you install solar panels in Richardson. A 5 kW solar energy system can sustain most buildings considering the city is sunny on most days. The cost of solar panels is around $2.75/W.

2.75 × 5,000 = 13,750


Therefore, you can get the system at $13,750 before getting the investment tax credit. 

Commercial & Residential Solar Installation in Richardson

At Dynamic, we are experts in both commercial and home solar panel installation. We have a team of professional installers who will help you transition seamlessly. Apart from that, we use quality solar panel products and accessories that will last for decades. We offer long term warranty for any solar installation in Richardson as a quality guarantee.

You can choose to do your installation on your roof or on the ground. Depending on your roof orientation and angle, we assess the number of panels you require. We identify the most appropriate angle to optimize solar energy harnessing and reduce the cost you incur. We also offer advice on the shade you should trim to maximize the roof.

Currently, you can get 26% ITC from the federal government. The rate is expected to go down to 22% in 2021. After that, it will be scrapped off for residential solar installation in 2022. Commercial solar installation in Richardson will retain 10% permanent ITC. Take advantage of the incentives to go solar and cut on the cost.


The period of installation differs depending on the size of your solar project. However, we start the process immediately after the agreement. We don’t want you to keep paying the hefty electricity bills after paying for solar installation. As a locally-based company, we understand all the dynamics of solar installation in Richardson, TX. 

Why Go Solar?

There are economic and environmental reasons to go solar in Richardson. First, you save a lot on utility bills after the payback period. On average, the solar panel system can last for up to 30 years. Considering that the payback period for the 5 kW solar energy system is around 8 years, you will enjoy utility bill-free months for up to 22 years.

Apart from personal economic benefits, solar energy provides employment. According to EESI, the industry has close to 250,000 employees. The stats keep increasing as countries keep pushing for green energy. The creation of jobs helps in the improvement of the living standards in Richardson and other cities as well.


The environmental benefits of solar energy are numerous. First, the energy helps in the reduction of per capita carbon footprint which stands at 4 metric tons globally. There are efforts to bring the average to 2 metric tons to avoid the probable 2°C rise in temperature by 2050. 

Off-grid or Grid-Tied Solar Panel System?

Should I go fully independent of the conventional energy and opt out of the grid system? This is a common question as our clients’ transition from the utility company. There are two options:

  • An off-grid solar panel system
  • A grid-tied solar panel system

For off-grid option, you should have storage batteries to store energy for use at night or when there is low supply. Solar panels can produce around 25% of their total capacity during cloudy days. The amount can sustain basic consumption but you should have high voltage storage batteries in case of heavy-energy consuming gadgets. You should consider the cost of solar energy storage batteries in Richardson if you choose this option.

The grid-tied solar panel system uses the utility energy supply as the backup. Through the net-metering system, you get credit for any energy your panels produce in excess. During cloudy days and at night, you can redeem the solar credit.