Solar Energy Red Oak, TX

Are you a homeowner in Red Oak, TX? Now is the time to install solar panels before reduction of investment tax credit.

Red Oak, Texas is known for it’s hot and humid summers – and your family in Red Oak will probably agree to that as well. Solar energy is something that can help your family in more ways than one. First off, by using solar energy, your energy bills won’t be stupendously high during the summer. On top of that, by switching to solar energy for your home – you are actively doing your part in the fight against climate change.


Here at Dynamic SLR – we are dedicated to helping families switch to clean, renewable energy resources. Our mission is to help households all around Texas learn the importance of protecting our environment while saving money at the same time. In this article, we will go through the benefits that your family can look to receive when you switch over to solar energy for your Red Oak home.

Benefits of Switching To Solar Energy For Your Red Oak Home

The Tremendous Amount Of Savings

This is clearly the biggest reason why many families switch over to solar energy. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, but when something saves you money and the environment, we’re not going to be displeased. This is how solar energy saves you money.

When you have your solar panels and solar energy system installed, you will begin to absorb sunlight throughout the daytime. This sunlight gets converted to usable energy, and your home will be able to use this energy during the entirety of the day. Basically, you’re not using any energy from the grid – but rather the energy that your solar panels are producing for you. During those hot summer days, you will be able to use air conditioning freely without stressing over the cost of your energy bill.

Also, any energy you don’t use throughout the day will be sent towards your utility providers, and they will give you a credit on your monthly energy bill.

On average, American households save anywhere between 50-60% of their monthly energy bills when they switch over to solar energy.

You Protect Yourself and Your Family From Rising Energy Costs

Texas is known for many things. Barbeque, the Dallas Cowboys, and great country music. However, Texas is infamous for is it’s rising energy costs. In the past two years, Texas has seen an increase of 4.1% for its energy costs. In comparison to the rest of the United States, the average rise in the cost of energy has been .3%. Which means that Texas homeowners pay the most for their electricity, and will continue to pay higher and higher costs in the foreseeable future.

But when you switch over to solar energy, you can protect yourself from these rising costs – and you will be able to produce your own energy without a hitch.

An example we love using is our “gas” example. Gas prices fluctuate depending on the time of the year – but can you imagine only paying $2 for gas, for the rest of your life? With solar energy, you will be able to have a “fixed” cost for the rest of the time you live in your Red Oak home.

Protecting the Environment For Your Kids & Their Kids

Solar energy is the best renewable energy resource. It’s the cleanest fuel on the planet, releases no carbon emissions, and best of all – it can be used by everyone. Mother nature is currently in a battle with rising carbon emissions from around the world. By switching to solar energy for your home in Red Oak, Texas – you help with local air pollution while helping the global community by lowering your overall carbon emissions.

The scope of the change you can create with your solar panels might be small, but any help will do for the ongoing crisis that is global warming. You’re just protecting the environment for your present day, but also for future generations to come.

The Value of Your Red Oak Home Will Increase

When you install solar panels and a solar energy system onto your Red Oak home – the value will certainly increase. According to Zillow, homes with solar panels installed will sell for a median value of 4.1% higher in comparison to their non-solar panel having counterparts. If you’re looking for something to invest in that will appreciate the value of your home quickly – switching to solar energy is definitely a great option.

Not only that, but when homebuyers look for a home, having a pre-installed solar energy system will entice them to your home. If you tell them the massive amount of savings they can have on their energy bills, and if they’re eco-conscious people, then you have a great attribute that will ultimately make the selling of your home that much easier.

The Ability To Use An Energy Storage System

What if I told you that by having a solar energy system, you can potentially have the ability to pay $0 towards your energy bill. Well, with an energy storage system, you can store the unused energy that your solar panels produced during the daytime, and save it for use during the evening. It’s that simple. It’s one big battery that holds a charge for your home no matter what time in the day, and will be actively recharged by your solar panels.

With an energy storage system, you will never have to pay you utility providers ever again, and you will never have an energy bill from that point out.

In conclusion…

The benefits of solar energy for your family is massive, and it will save you money in the short and long run. By switching to solar energy, you will do your part in the fight against climate change, while protecting yourself from the rising costs of energy in Texas.

If you’re looking for a dependable, best-in-class solar energy company to walk you through the process of switching to solar, you’re in the right place. Here at Dynamic SLR – we are the golden standard in pricing, customer service, and solar panel installation.

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