Solar Energy Pearland, TX

Pearland's climate present an excellent opportunity to go solar and say goodbye to utility bills. But which is the best solar installation company?

Every year, Pearland, TX, has more than 230 sunny days. The climate is ideal for solar panel installation to gain energy independence. According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), the city has a low number of solar energy systems compared to its potential. Pearson, TX, has close to 35k roofs, but only less than 50 have solar panels.

It is not easy to choose the best solar panel installers in Pearson in a pool of companies that promise nothing short of the best. AT Dynamic SLR, we aim to go over and beyond your expectation for maximum satisfaction. We promise and deliver quality solar panels in Pearland, TX, and the neighboring cities.

Why should you choose Dynamic SLR?

  • Professional installation services and committed customer service team. 
  • Genuine and positive reviews from homeowners who have gone solar in Pearland. 
  • Affordable solar panel and installation  services. 
  • Prior experience on the dynamics of solar installation in Pearland, TX. 
  • Free solar quote to help you estimate the total cost of solar installation in Pearland. 

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Pearland, TX?

The cost of solar panels in Pearland, TX, is around $2.8/W. An average home in the city can rely on a 6 kW solar panel system throughout the year. Considering the average cost and the system’s size, you can calculate the total cost before incentives.

6,000 × 2.8 = 16,800

To cut the solar installation costs in Pearland, you can apply for the federal government’s investment tax credit. Currently, the rate is 26%, but it is set to reduce to 22% in 2021. From 2022 onwards, only commercial properties will receive 10% ITC.

Solar Panel Capacity

Total Cost before ITC

Net Cost (Total Cost-ITC)                       

4 kW



5 kW



6 kW



7 kW



8 kW



9 kW



10 kW



When considering the cost of a solar panel system, you should also factor in other products and services. You should consider labor, inverters, energy storage batteries, and cables. Here are other factors which can affect the cost of solar panel installation in Pearland, TX:

  • Roof orientation and angle: Solar panels should face south for maximum harnessing.
  • Future plans like the purchase of heavy-power consumers and property expansion. A good example of high energy consumers is electric cars.
  • Current consumption: How many units of electricity do you spend every month?
  • Weather conditions: You don’t have to worry about Pearland’s climate because the city has more than 95% solar viability.
  • Grid-tied or off-grid option: The former option requires storage batteries, thus requires more capital than grid-tied solar energy.

Solar Savings in Pearland, TX

Have you ever checked the amount you spend on electricity bills every year? Although the amount you pay the electricity company may seem small, cumulatively in 10 years, it is enough to buy solar panels in Pearland, TX. Every month, homeowners pay around $120 to the utility provider. The amount could even be astonishing for commercial property housing industries. The cost of electricity will certainly keep increasing in years to come. Therefore, you will even pay more in the future.

For a 6 kW solar panel system, 8 years of your electricity consumption is enough to go solar in Pearland, TX. After the payback period, no one will charge you for the energy you harness from the sun. The solar panel system could last for more than 30 years. We give long term warranties as a quality guarantee of our products and services.                                                                                                                                                                                                



Solar Savings

Cumulative Solar Savings (Savings-cost)




























Benefits of Solar Energy to Businesses

Every business’ aim is to make profits. And how do you make profits? By reducing expenses and increasing the revenues. You can reduce the energy costs through solar installation in Pearland, TX. Another economic aspect of the solar industry is the creation of jobs.

According to IRENA, the industry has over 11 million employees globally. EESI also records that solar energy has well over 240,000 employees. As more people and organizations seek to install solar energy, the number of employees will increase. According to projections, solar power will be the primary source of energy by 2050.


Any solar energy benefits are not complete without the mention of the environment. Data from Project Sunroof shows that Pearland going solar to full potential would be equivalent to growing over 11 million trees for 10 years. With the recent worries about global warming, this would be a significant stride in the right direction.