Solar Energy North Richland Hills, TX

Why should I switch to solar energy in North Richland Hills? Here are reasons why solar energy should be a must-have.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding solar energy in North Richland Hills – so much so that the city council created a law that prohibited solar panels from facing the street side of the home, unless the homeowner had a special use permit. This law was also connected to ground-mounted solar energy systems that were over 500 square feet long. Not only did this create a ton of backlash from solar supporters in the community, but it also made the production of energy from the back facing solar panels inefficient. Thankfully, in 2015 – North Richland Hills overturned said solar ordinance with some help from some solar energy heroes in North Richland Hills.

One of them was Larry Howe, founder of Plano Solar Advocates and board member of the Texas Solar Energy Society. He went on to say that the process indicated by this ordinance not only made it a hassle for homeowners, but that any homeowner with a southward facing home would be barred from potential energy savings. In May of 2015 – Mayor Oscar Trevino overturned the solar ordinance law – thus granting North Richland Hills residents to install and have southward facing panels without hassle.


Now in 2020 – North Richland Hills has become a center of solar energy usage, and time is running out for the Federal Tax Credit to be used for new solar panel installations and solar energy systems. If you have been on the fence for going solar – this article will show you the benefits of switching to solar energy, and additional add ons that can make your North Richland Hills home truly off-the-grid.

Benefits of Solar Energy in North Richland Hills

Resale Value

When you sell a home with solar panels on it, the solar panels and solar energy system itself is exempted from the taxes made from the profits of the sale of your North Richland Hills home. The great state government of Texas created this law as a way to incentivize homeowners to go solar if they were to eventually sell their home in the future. That way, you will be essentially getting your money back (and then some) from the future buyer of your former home. The solar energy system for your home will help raise its worth – and according to Zillow – potential homebuyers are 4.1% more likely to purchase a home with a pre-installed solar energy system in North Richland Hills.

Energy Savings

This is the main reason why you looked up the benefits of solar energy in North Richland Hills right? You wanted to see how much you could possibly save – and how much you will save in the long run. The city of North Richland Hills receives approximately 12 hours of sunlight per day – which is why switching to solar energy in North Richland Hills makes so much sense. The national average of monthly savings per month when a household transition to solar is anywhere from a 50-60% reduction in monthly energy costs – a tremendous amount of savings per year. Not only that, but the best solar companies in North Richland Hills offer annual maintenance and cleaning, alongside an energy audit that will show you your return on investment – and the savings that come with your transition to solar energy. Here at Dynamic SLR, we make sure to create the design, specify any incentives, and walk you through the whole process regarding the solar installation. No stone is left unturned for us – and we want to make sure that you have the most transparent experience possible.

Federal Tax Credit

By 2022 – there will no longer be a Federal Tax Credit for those who purchase a solar energy system in North Richland Hills (and the rest of the United States for that matter). That is why is so pertinent for you to switch to solar energy sooner rather than later. The tax credit is currently at 26% of the cost for your solar panels, installation, and solar energy system. In 2021 – that percentage will drop down to 22%. If you were to spend $10,000 on your solar energy system – you will have a credit of $2,600 dollars on your income taxes. This credit will help you retain some of your income from the year, and was created to incentivize homeowners to switch to renewable energy resources. If you switch to solar energy in North Richland Hills now – you’re looking for up to a 50-60% decrease in your energy costs, alongside a tax credit on your income taxes, which means more green for going green.

The Ability to Go Off-Grid

Solar panels and a solar energy system are the first two parts in order to get off-the-grid in North Richland Hills. If you add an additional component, such as an energy storage system – you will no longer have an energy bill for the time that you live in your current North Richland Hills home. Here’s how. When you get solar panels and a solar energy system for your North Richland Hills home – you produce free-flowing energy during the day. Any energy you don’t use – ends up being sent back to your utility provider and they send you a credit on your monthly bill. During the nighttime, you and your family still use energy from your utility provider – where the rates at night usually cost more than the rates during the day. With an energy storage system such as a Tesla Powerwall – you can harvest and store the energy you produce from your solar panels.

This means that you can use said energy during the nighttime, or during emergencies such as natural disasters or blackouts. This is where your home becomes truly off-the-grid. You’re independent from your utility energy provider – and you pay $0 towards your electricity bill. You are now the creator of your own power – and with the savings from you receive from solar energy, you can reinvest into your North Richland Hills home or maybe even into a family vacation. Your options are endless.

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Many solar advocates fought hard for your town of North Richland Hills to have no-hassle solar installations – now it’s your turn to reap the rewards of tax credits and energy savings by going green with solar energy.


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