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Every year, Missouri City emits over 280,000 avoidable metric tons of carbon dioxide, which comes from non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum. The world is dreading the future impacts of environmental pollution. Global warming has continued to affect life on earth, with natural calamities increasing each day. 

Projections show that the world risks over 2 degrees Celsius increase in temperature if the current 4 metric tons carbon footprint per capita does not decrease by half. The United States environmental pollution is more than four times the global average. But with more than 97% solar energy viability (Project Sunroof data explorer), Missouri City can reduce pollution through solar power installation. 

Does solar energy installation in Missouri City make economic sense? This is a common concern for most of our clients. The primary motivation for most homeowners and businesses to go solar is to eliminate the hefty electricity bills. Most homes spend at least $1,500 electricity bills. Businesses pay utility providers at least 10 times more because of the high consumption. Currently, the cost of electricity in Missouri City is around 11.82 kilowatt-hour. Texas has one of the highest electricity rates in the United States. You can say goodbye to the recurrent energy bills through solar energy installation in Missouri City.

Why Go Solar in Missouri City?

There are several economic, social, and environmental benefits of solar energy. Solar power can play a critical role in addressing the global concern of global warming. You can be part of the course to save the environment for future generations through solar panel installation in Missouri City, TX. Every year, Americans contribute an average of close to 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is a cause for alarm with the rising respiratory and pulmonary diseases due to environmental pollution.

The WHO records that over 7 million people die every year as a result of environmental pollution-related problems. The most common conditions include heart disease and stroke. As an alternative to coal and petroleum, solar energy reduces air pollutants consumption. 

Currently, solar power is among the most significant contributors to employment among clean sources of energy. EESI reports that the industry has close to 250,000 employees in the USA and over 11 million globally. What about the current technological advancements in the solar energy industry? We have seen some of the sleekest cars that use green energy. Other inventions like solar roads and solar-powered internet are also something to keep an eye on. 

As a homeowner or business, you can also save thousands of bucks every year from utility bills. Solar energy does not attract recurrent expenses after the initial installation costs. The amount you spend on maintenance is almost negligible in comparison to the savings you make. Property appreciation is another factor to consider when going solar in Missouri City, TX. Solar panels increase the value of a property by up to 4.1%, according to Zillow.

Factors to Consider Before Solar Installation

Before going solar in Missouri City, Texas, you should consider these factors for an efficient transition.

  • Current energy consumption
  • Future plans
  • Roof angle and orientation
  • The type of solar panel system: Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels
  • Climate

Current energy consumption

How much do you spend on utility bills every month? This is the primary determinant of your energy consumption. You should go for a solar panel system that produces the same unities of electricity or slightly higher than your current usage. However, you can store any excess energy from the panels in energy storage system for use at night or during cloudy days. 

Future plans

In case there are plans to buy high-power consuming gadgets like solar cars, you should install a bigger solar panel system. Planned home expansion in the future can also affect the size of the solar panel system. Although you can add more solar panels later, the disruptions caused during the installation are not worth the wait. You could also incur extra installation cost. 

Roof angle & orientation

Solar panels should face south for maximum exposure to the sun. However, some roofs may not favor these placement without some alterations. In case you want your roof to remain intact, you can consider other options like ground-mounted solar panels.

Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels

Do you want to go off-grid? Or you want the grid-tied solar panel system? Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Off-grid solar power requires storage batteries which call for more capital. On the other hand, grid-tied solar panels do not give you full independence from the utility company. You receive credit for every extra unit of electricity your panels produce above your consumption. When energy production is low or at zero, you redeem the units you supplied to the grid. 


Missouri City, TX, has favorable climate for solar panel installation. The city receives over 200 sunny days in a year. 

One of the major concerns for homeowners is the feasibility of solar energy during cloudy days. Solar panels can retain a capacity of up to 25% during cloudy days. The output is enough to power your home. 

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