Solar Energy Mineral Wells, TX

There are economic and environmental benefits of solar energy in Mineral Wells, TX. Why should you be left behind?

Mineral Wells is known for a lot of things – the Baker Hotel, the Crazy Well, and the copious amounts of lithium that the city dwells over. Mineral Wells springs are also a big tourist attraction, and it brings a large number of visitors every year. One thing that Mineral Wells is also known for is its subtropical climate – with roaring summers and rainy winters. Temperatures have been rising to historical levels in Mineral Wells for the past two years, and as climate change continues to accelerate – we all need to do our part in combating the rising level of carbon emissions.

Protecting the environment and doing your part in the fight against climate change is one of the many reasons why you should switch to solar energy, and in this article, we will breakdown the lucrative, and biggest reasons why you should switch to solar energy for your Mineral Wells, Texas home or business.

The Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

Saving The Earth And Your Local Environment

Switching to solar energy doesn’t just reduce your carbon emissions, it also helps clear the air pollution in your locality. When you switch to solar energy, you begin the process of helping the planet heal, and by using energy from the sun – you have a renewable resource that will provide near-limitless amounts of energy for you and your family.

For your business, using solar energy helps the planet heal from climate change, while also giving your company a better image and reputation. More companies around the United States are moving to more renewable, and cleaner energy options – to display their progressiveness and eagerness to be more environmentally friendly. In doing so, you will gain more notoriety for helping the planet, and you will have an edge against your competitors.

Becoming Independent From Fossil Fuels

Everything is bigger in Texas, including your energy costs. Texas homeowners and business owners have been paying a 4.1% increase in their energy costs for the past two years. In comparison, homeowners on average around the United States have been paying an increase of .3% for the last two years.

By switching to solar energy, you truly become independent from fossil fuel energy, and you protect yourself from the rising costs of energy. Imagine, wherever you go fill up your tank of gas will always remain at the price of $2. While other people will have to pay the fluctuating prices of gas during that particular time of the year, you will only have to pay $2 each time you fill-up.

By protecting yourself from the rising costs of electricity, you can plan for the future and budget accordingly. Doing so will not only save you more money in the long run, but will also reduce your stress for your finances.

Reducing Your Energy Bills

This is the biggest reason why homeowners and business owners in Mineral Wells switch to solar energy is to save money on their monthly energy bills. The average American household looks to save anywhere from 50-60% on their energy bills when they install solar panels and a solar energy system.

By reducing your energy bills, you will have more money in hand every month to spend on different bills, investments, or to simply have fun with your family.

For business owners, you can use the reduced operational costs to develop more tools for your business, or just to achieve higher profit margins. Furthermore, with reduced costs – you can spend more on marketing to show your customer base than you are an eco-friendly, green, and progressive company.

Making Use of The Federal Tax Incentive

Many homeowners and business owners do not know about the Federal Tax Incentive that you can receive when you switch over to solar energy in Mineral Wells. The Federal Tax Incentive gives homeowners and business owners a credit worth 26% of the purchase price/installation cost for their solar panels and solar energy system.

For example, if you were to purchase a solar energy system, solar panels and have them installed for $10,000 – you will have a credit of $2600 that you can use towards your income taxes. You save more on the money you earn on your first year of switching to solar, and you’ll be saving on your monthly energy costs as well.

For businesses – this is a huge way to write off your profits. Within the first year of going solar, you will positively increase your reputation within your community, save more money on your operational costs, and you will be able to write off more on the income your company has produced.

You May Never Pay Another Energy Bill Ever Again

By switching to solar energy, you get the opportunity to combine your solar panels and solar energy system with an energy storage system. An energy storage system stores any unused energy that your solar panels have absorbed throughout the day, for use later at night. Normally, any unused energy will be sent to your utility provider and they will credit your energy bill for the amount of energy you have produced for them.

However, with an energy storage system – you will no longer need a utility provider, you can produce your energy, and harvest it for later use. You will no longer have an energy bill, and your home or business will truly get off-the-grid.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking to save the planet and to protect yourself from the rising energy costs that the state of Texas puts upon you – switching to solar energy is your best bet. Not only will you save more per month, but you will save more on your earned income in the first year that you switch over to solar energy.

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