Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Midlothian, TX

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Midlothian, Texas is known as the “Southern Star” in the Dallas – Fort Worth tri-area, and for good reason. This relatively quiet suburb is known as the hub for the cement industry in Northern Texas. Its affluence is currently growing at a drastic rate. However, this is not only one of the things Midlothian, Texas is known for. According to the Köppen Classification of climate, Midlothian is a humid subtropical climate – which means “relatively high temperatures… (which) can lead to warm, oppressive nights”. This type of heat isn’t uncommon in Texas – but with climate change and temperatures rising all over the United States, it is time for everyone to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and fossil fuel emissions.


There are many benefits of switching to solar energy in Midlothian, Texas. One of them is how a solar energy system alongside solar panels can raise the value of your Midlothian home.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of going solar for your Midlothian, Texas home. More specifically, how a solar energy system can raise the value of your home.

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Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Midlothian, TX

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions and Fight Against Rising Temperatures

Climate change is affecting our wildlife, nature, our cities, and our homes. With a rising global temperature, the summer of 2020 has shown record heatwave temperatures alongside the destruction of more polar ice caps. By switching to solar energy for your Midlothian, Texas property- you also ease the burden for your kids and their children when they eventually have to do their part in the fight against climate change.


By switching to solar energy for your Midlothian home – you are reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned for your electricity needs, and you’re reducing the amount of non-renewable resources being used to power your home. You’re not just transitioning to solar energy to create more value in your home, but you’re also creating value in giving future generations a chance to enjoy nature as much as you did.

Increasing Your Midlothian Home’s Resale Value

According to Zillow – a home increases in value by about 4.1% whenever a solar energy system is installed. Meaning, that if you were to ever sell your Midlothian home after switching to solar energy, you can get more money out of your system after the resale. In Texas, you’re also exempted from the sales tax on your solar energy system after you sell your home, which gives you a dollar for dollar sale depending on how much your system was worth at installation.


By switching to solar energy, you not only reduce your carbon emissions, but also save money on a monthly basis. On top of that – should you decide to sell your Midlothian home, you will get a higher return on your investment. Also, there’s one more incentive that you may have not known about when you switch to solar energy for your Midlothian, Texas home.

Go Green to Save Green

Most homeowners switch to solar energy for one primary reason – to save on energy costs. Understandably because an average household saves 50-60% on energy costs by switching to solar energy. Remember those hotter and longer summers we were talking about earlier? Well, with hotter summers means more air conditioning – and with more air conditioning means more energy costs.


The hottest times are daytime – so what if you had your own power plant at the top of your Midlothian home? Your solar energy system pays for itself with its monthly savings, and you can use energy freely within your home without calling for more energy from your utility provider. This gives you independence from the rising costs of electricity in Texas. It also allows you to use clean, green energy to power your home.


Also, if you’re looking to go “off-grid” – there is a way to reduce your energy bills to $0 a month. By simply installing an energy storage system in tandem with your solar energy system. Any energy you don’t use during the day is stored in the solar storage batteries. Even when you switch to solar energy for your Midlothian, Texas home – you still pay the utility providers during the night for energy. By having storage for your energy, you can use any excess power from the day to power your home at night and for emergencies. By not using any energy from your utility providers electrical grid – you will no longer have an energy bill.

The Federal Tax Credit

In 2022- the federal tax credit for solar energy in Midlothian, Texas (and the rest of the United States for that matter) will expire. Tax credit for solar reduces your income taxes by 26% of the purchase cost and installation cost of your solar energy system. For example, if your solar energy system and installation was $10,000 – then you receive a credit of $2,600 on your income taxes.


Within your first year of using solar energy for your Midlothian home, you will not only save on your monthly energy costs, but also on income taxes. The best time to switch to solar energy is now. In 2021, the federal tax credit will reduce to 22%. Therefore, if you’re looking to save the most by going solar – begin your transition  before 2021.

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