Solar Energy Mesquite, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), 94% of the buildings in Mesquite are eligible for solar installation.  Out of the total 37,000 roofs in the city, only 59 have solar panels. There is a lot to be done to improve the number of solar installations in Mesquite. The untapped potential is evident because the average roof can support at least an 11 kW solar panel system. The capacity is enough to support home consumption throughout the year.

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Benefits of Solar Energy

If you go solar in Mesquite, you support a global course. There is a campaign to use green energy to reduce annual carbon dioxide output. The world is in a panic over the probable increase of temperatures by 2°C by 2050. To prevent this, we must reduce the current annual average of 4 tons of carbon footprint per capita to 2 tons. Solar energy is one of the primary industries that can help achieve this goal.


Solar energy is a source of employment in America. According to EESI, the industry has close to 250k employees. The new innovations in the solar industry are also playing a role in technological advancement.  You can create more jobs in Mesquite if you install solar panels. The economic and environmental benefits of solar energy mean better living standards. You can save a lot every year after solar installation because you eliminate or reduce utility bills. 

Solar Savings in Mesquite, TX

On average, homes in Mesquite spend $1,500 every year on electricity bills. Commercial buildings could even have higher energy bills. But you can save on the amount through solar installation on your residential or commercial building.

The payback period for solar installation is around 8 years for 5 kW solar panels at the current average cost of $2.7 per watt.

2.7 × 5,000 = $13,500

Using these figures, here is a breakdown of the payback.


Average Electricity Bill

Solar Savings (Initial cost-electricity bill)





































With the ever-surging cost of electricity, you may have to part with more to cater for your consumption. Why wait while you can take advantage of government incentives to install solar panels in Mesquite?

Why Go Solar in Garland?

There are some essential factors you should consider before going solar:

  • Your current average utility bills
  • Future plans
  • Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels

Current Consumption

Assess your annual electricity consumption to get an average of your daily usage. You can get the reports from the utility company. You should go for a solar panel system that produces the same or slightly higher amount of energy.

Future plans

Because solar panel installation in Mesquite is a long term project, you should consider your future plans. What will affect your consumption in the coming 10 years? Are there any plans to expand your home or buy high energy-consuming gadgets like electric cars?

Off-grid vs. grid-tied solar panels

You can choose an off-grid or grid-tied solar panel system. For off-grid solar energy, you should have storage batteries to store energy for use at night and cloudy days when the output may be low. The grid-tied option means that your system is connected to the utility company through the net-metering system. You get solar credit for the energy you produce in excess when the weather is favorable. On cloudy days and at night, you can redeem the number of units you have supplied to the grid.