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If you’re looking to switch to solar energy within Lewisville, Texas – now is probably the best time. The Federal Government has just extended the timeline for its Solar Tax Credit into 2022 – which is less than one and a half years away. If you’re a homeowner – who is currently spending a lot more on energy then you would have liked in the last couple of years, here’s the reason why.

The utility providers in Texas (who have big contracts with oil and fossil fuel companies) have increased the rates of energy by 4.1 percent in the last two years. Why is that important? The national average increase has only been .3% per year. Now we know what you’re thinking – everything is bigger in Texas right? But why do you have to pay more for electricity when you have a solution that can lock in your energy costs for years to come?

If you’re looking to switch to solar energy for your Lewisville, Texas home and you’re wondering what benefits there are for switching to solar, you’re in luck.

In this article – we will breakdown the 5 main benefits of switching to solar energy in Lewisville, Texas. Read more below.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy

Saving Money on Your Current Energy Bill

Money talks – and it’s the main reason why you’re thinking about switching over to solar, right? In Texas – every homeowner is currently facing rising home energy costs. With the installation of solar panels on your Lewisville Home – you’ll be able to offset these costs by producing your own power. Solar energy provides year-round power and has great efficiency in its production of energy. It variates – but if your home is positioned just right and you have a good number of panels – your solar energy system can actually generate more electricity than your home even needs. What does this mean? Well, your electricity bills can effectively be reduced to $0. As one of the best solar companies within Lewisville, Texas – we can help provide you with your return on investment for switching to solar energy and how much you look to save by transitioning to solar with us here at Dynamic SLR.

Lewisville’s location gives it nearly 10 to 14 hours of direct sunlight a day, which is a huge amount of sunlight available to take advantage of. Dynamic SLR will help provide you with highly-efficient solar panels alongside the best-in-class of installers, in order to get you the most out of your investment.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Solar energy in Lewisville, Texas is a 100% clean and an absolutely renewable energy resource. As temperatures get hotter and winters become longer, the impact of fossil fuels on climate change has begun to take their course. By using solar energy – you can reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are being released within the atmosphere. There is only one environment – and if you want to make sure that your kids and your kid’s kids have an outdoors they can have fun and make memories in – transitioning to solar energy for your Lewisville, Texas home will be a great way that you can make an impact for generations to come.

Solar Panel & Solar Energy Installation Prices Decreased

Transitioning to solar used to be quite the expensive task – and it didn’t have as much of an efficient standard as it does today. Solar panel prices have fallen by more than 70% since 2010, and in addition to that – if you’re looking for an energy storage system, the pricing on those batteries has dropped by at least 35% in the last decade as well. If you’re looking for the best time to switch to solar energy in Lewisville, Texas – the best time is now. Especially due to the fact that the Federal Tax credit will be removed by 2022. Which brings us to our next benefit.

Tax Break

Although Lewisville, Texas doesn’t have a city-wide incentive for transitioning into solar, the Federal government provides a tax credit for the installation of your solar panels and solar energy system. The value of this tax credit currently is at 26%, which means that if you spend $10,000 dollars for the purchase of your solar energy system, you will receive a credit of $2,600 on your taxes. This way you can offset anything on your income tax – which means that you will be able to keep more of your money. Going solar means more than just saving monthly, by switching – you can save a bundle of cash on your first year due to this tax credit.

Home Resale Value

In Texas – your solar panel costs and solar energy system are exempted from the taxes of the sale of your Lewisville, Texas home. If you’re going to sell your home, you make an even bigger profit by putting a solar energy system on it. Not only will your home be worth more, but by having solar panels – it can actually increase the likelihood of your home selling. According to Zillow – homes with solar energy systems were sold at a 4.1% higher rate than a home without solar power. You should reap the rewards of going solar now – and how it can increase the value of your home, saves you money monthly on electricity costs, and the extra amenities it will provide for potential home buyers.

In conclusion,

Transitioning to solar energy in Lewisville, Texas saves your environment, gives you a great credit on your income taxes, and also leaves you with more money in your pocket every month. These savings will add up, and you’ll be able to reinvest it into things you’ve wanted for your own home, pay off debts, or even take your family on a vacation. Going green makes green. AND it makes your home more attractive and worth more in the long run.

If you’re wondering about the return on investment for transitioning into solar, and you want to work within the best solar company in Lewisville, Texas (let alone all of Texas), contact us here at Dynamic SLR.

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