Solar Energy Lancaster, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), out of the 11,300 Lancaster roofs, 92% are eligible for solar installation. However, the current number is not attractive. More should be done to attract more homes and commercial properties to go solar in Lancaster, TX.

Dynamic SLR is one of the local solar companies you can count for solar installation. Say goodbye to utility bills and enjoy free energy from the sun. We have a team of professional installers to serve you. Our quality solar panels guarantee you the maximum durability of the system.

For commercial solar installation, we understand it is a long term investment. Therefore, we offer discounted prices and extensive warranty as a quality guarantee. Our team has experience working with different clients in your neighborhood. You can rest assured that we will give you a clean deal. We have all the necessary licenses to install solar panels in Lancaster, TX.


We also guide you through the permit application process to avoid any friction with authorities. Dynamic SLR team understands different factors to consider for seamless solar installation. Roof orientation, angle, and Lancaster weather are some aspects that help us in solar panel placement on your roof. 

Cost of Solar Panels in Lancaster, TX

The cost of solar panels in Lancaster, TX, is around $2.7 per watt. The amount could be higher or lower, depending on the size of your solar panel system. For commercial installations, the rates may go down to $2.3 because of such projects’ huge capacity.

On average, a home can use a 6 kW solar panel. Therefore, the total cost of the project is around $16,200. You should factor in other expenses like inverters, storage batteries, regulators, and cables.

6,000 × 2.7 = 16,200

At Dynamic SLR, we give you a free solar quote to help you estimate the total cost. All we require is your address and your current utility bills to determine a solar panel system that can sustain your home. The estimate could be higher or lower, depending on your plans. If you want to expand it, you can consider installing a higher capacity solar panel system.

You can apply for government solar investment tax credit to cut on the cost. Currently, the federal government is offering 26% for all installation. Therefore, the net cost is around $12,000.

ITC: 16,200 × 26% =4,212

Cost after ITC: 16,200 – 4,212 = $11,988


Solar Energy System Capacity

Cost of Solar Panels

Net Cost (Total Cost-ITC)

























Solar Installation Incentives & Rebates

Although Texas does not have statewide solar rebates, you can get the incentives from the utility companies. The electricity providers offer limited rebates to their customers. You can also get incentives from green energy advocate organizations in Lancaster.

 The federal government gives 26% deduction for commercial and residential solar panel installation in Lancaster, TX. Previously, the rate was 30%, but it was reduced at the end of 2019. However, the rates will drop to 22% in 2021. After 2022, only commercial solar installations will retain 10% ITC. The residential solar investment tax credit will be scrapped off. Take advantage of the opportunity and claim your deductions before 2022.

We also partner with financial institutions to offer attractive solar financing in Lancaster, TX. Our interest rates are below what you get for ordinary loans. You can get zero down financing if you meet the requirements and go solar without any deposits. 

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power has immense benefits to the environment, homes, and the economy. The industry helps reduce greenhouse gases, which are a major concern due to global warming. Lancaster’s full solar potential is equivalent to growing over 4 million trees for 10 years. There is concern over the probable rise in temperature by 2°C by 2050. But you can be part of the solution through solar installation.

Solar energy is gaining momentum as a source of employment. Currently, there are close to 250,000 employees in the industry. The numbers will keep rising as solar power is poised to be the primary energy source in 30 years to come. We have also seen many revolutionary innovations like electric solar cars, solar roads, and ships.


As a home, you save a lot every year on utility bills. The amount could be higher than $1,500 every year. Cumulatively, the amount is enough to finance solar energy in Lancaster, TX.