Solar Energy Lake Jackson, TX

Are you looking for a Solar Energy company in Lake Jackson? We've got you covered!

Before you consider installing solar panels in Lake Jackson, TX, it is essential to understand the peak sun hours. This is when the sun’s intensity that hits your solar panel provides at least 1,000 watts per square meter.

Currently, the price of solar panels in Lake Jackson, TX, is around $2.8 per watt. For instance, if you want a panel system with 10 kilowatts, it means your installation cost will be $28,000. You should choose licensed solar installers in Lake Jackson, TX, for a seamless transition.

The solar energy installation company should provide quality services to all users. You should consider qualification based on licensing and insurance, years of experience, certifications, and reputation. If you are looking for the best solar energy systems for your home or office, Dynamic SLR is your go-to solar panel supplier and installation company.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has a wide range of merits, from environmental, social to economic benefits. First, solar power does not pollute the environment. Right from the production, installation, and usage of solar energy, it does not interfere with the environment. It leaves the environment clean and does not contribute to global warming. If you are an environment conservation enthusiast, going solar in Lake Jackson, TX, should be a priority.

On the side of economic advantage, solar energy creates employment. Research shows that 13 installation job-years and 20 manufacturing job-years are created for each Megawatt power of solar panel installed. This means that if you are an engineer, installer, assembler, or sales representative, you have an opportunity in the industry.

Finally, when the economic status of a person is stable, the social status also improves. This means that the standards of living increase. Also, when you live in a clean environment, your well-being is safe. You will keep respiratory problems and other diseases connected with the polluted environment at bay. Also, solar energy is cheap to install and use, which allows you to save.

Saving with Solar Energy in Lake Jackson, TX

According to EIA data, the average electricity rate at Lake Jackson was 11.82¢ per kWh in July. The average household electricity usage is about 1,633 kWh, which means homeowners pay an average bill of $193 per month.

Lake Jackson, Texas, offers affordable solar panels that help you to cut the cost down. In 2020, the minimum cost of installation in Lake Jackson is around $10,000 for a 3 kW solar panel system. The majority of households spend an average of $13,000 to install solar panels in the city. As a result, it cuts down the cost of energy compared to the use of electricity.

Here are solar panel systems estimated installation cost plus savings at Lake Jackson, TX;

Residential 5 kW system

Estimated system cost (inclusive of installation cost) = $20,950

(-) Federal tax credit = 26% with no maximum

Final cost after the tax credit = $15,503

Est. energy saving per year = $1,500

Estimated payback period: 10 years

Commercial 50 kW system

The estimated price of the system (inclusive of installation cost) = $193,500

(-) Federal tax credit= 26% with no maximum

The final cost of the system after tax credit= $ 103,600

Est. energy saving per year=$ 15,000

Time to recover the cost= 7 years

Is It Worth Going Solar in Lake Jackson, TX?

For most homeowners and households, solar energy in Lack Jackson, TX, is worth considering. Apart from the general benefits of solar energy to the environment, society, and economy, energy solar has the following advantages;

A 26% incentive: Solar energy in Lake Jackson, TX, allows you to receive a tax credit from the federal government. This helps you to reduce the installation cost.

The average electricity cost in the city is relatively high ($0.12 per Kilowatt-hour). This makes solar a better option. Wind energy, which is another clean alternative, has substantial financial implications.

There is moderate sunshine in Lake Jackson (3.8%). This allows solar panels to receive adequate heat to function well.

Also, the solar panels’ maintenance cost in Lake Jackson, TX, is low. This makes it manageable for homes and businesses.

Finally, there is a wide array of solar panels you can choose depending on your budget. You have no reason not to install solar panels in Lake Jackson, TX. You can contact Dynamic SLR for affordable and quality installation services and products.

Solar energy has numerous advantages for your well-being. On the other hand, it can be used in all the activities that require electrical energy. To be part of saving the world from the dangers of global warming caused by the emission of gases, embrace solar power in all your activities that require energy.