Solar Energy La Porte, TX

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The cost of electricity in La Porte, TX, is around $0.114 for every kWh. Cumulatively, the amount you spend on electricity every month is approximately $1,500. Cumulatively, the amount you spend in a decade is enough to install solar panels in La Porte, TX. Because solar panels can last for more than 30 years, you can enjoy over 20 years of free energy after the payback period. If you want to get rid of the recurrent utility bills, solar power is the solution.
According to Project Sunroof data explorer, La Porte, TX, has over 12,600 roofs, with 95% eligible for solar energy. However, only less than 10 buildings have solar panel systems on their roofs. La Porte’s full solar energy capacity is enough to eliminate over 189,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. You can save the environment for future generations through solar panel installation.
Solar power helps in the reduction of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere as an alternative to non-renewable energy. The world risks more adverse effects of environmental pollution if no action is taken. One such impact is the projected 2°C increase in temperature by 2050. Apart from that, we have seen a rise in natural calamities like drought and floods due to pollution. You can play your part to reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar panels in La Porte, TX.
Where do you start? At Dynamic SLR, we offer a free solar quote to help you make an informed decision. We only require your address and estimated electricity bills to get to estimate the size of a solar panel system that can sustain your home or office.

The Cost of Solar Energy in La Porte, TX

The price of solar panels in La Porte, TX, is around $2.7 per watt. When calculating the total cost, you should also consider the expenses for the following:

  • Solar energy inverters
  • Energy storage batteries
  • Cables
  • Installation costs.

These are the primary expenses when installing solar panels in La Porte. Dynamic SLR can connect you with solar financing institutions for loans, leases, or power purchase agreements. We offer zero down financing to ease your transition from conventional electricity to solar power. The option gives you a long period to settle the loan as you enjoy solar energy benefits.
For practicality, let’s take 5 kW and 50 kW solar panel systems for residential and commercial properties.
5 kW Solar panel for homes:
Gross solar panel cost: 5,000 × 2.7 = $13,500 (consider installation costs and other solar accessories)
(-) Investment tax credit: 13,500 × 26% = $3,510
Net solar panel cost: 13,500 – 3,510 = $9,990
50 kW Solar panel for commercial properties:
Gross solar panel cost: 50,000 × 2.7 = $135,000
(-) Investment tax credit: 135,000 × 26% = $35,100
Net solar panel cost: 135,000 – 35,100 = $99,900

Federal and State Solar Incentives

Do you know that Texas has one of the highest electricity rates in the United States? This is enough motivation to go solar in La Porte because the price of electricity has not shown any signs to reduce soon.
You can save at least $1,500 every year if you install solar panels today. The federal government also offers solar incentives to help you cut on the cost of solar installation in La Porte, TX. Currently, the ITC rate is 26% of the total cost. You should take advantage of the government’s investment tax credit before it reduces to 22% in 2021. In 2022, the government will scrap off ITC for residential solar installation while commercial buildings will retain a permanent 10% ITC.
Although Texas does not have any statewide solar energy incentives, you can apply for rebates from electricity providers. The deductions can help you reduce the cost of solar energy installation in La Porte by 20%.

Solar Panel Maintenance in La Porte, TX

The only cost you incur after installation. Solar panels require professional servicing at least once a year. Although you can do the solar maintenance practice, you can use a company that offers the services if your roof is not safe or you want any adjustments. Rainfall is enough to clean solar panels throughout the year.
You should remove any objects encroaching the roof to prevent a reduction in output. At Dynamic SLR, we offer solar panel maintenance tips in La Porte, TX, to our customers. Our warranty covers the solar panel for more than 20 years, but you should maintain the system in good condition for the guarantee to stand.
You can get in touch with us for affordable solar panel installation services. We get our products from the best solar panels suppliers in La Porte, TX. Our wide variety of products and accessories gives you the freedom to fit what fits your budget and preference.