Solar Energy Kingwood, TX

Do you want to go solar in Kingwood and say goodbye to the hefty utility bills? Contact the best solar panel installers- Dynamic Slr.

The conducive climate in Kingwood, TX, offers an excellent opportunity for solar panel installation. If all the people with viable roof space were to install solar panels in Kingwood, it would significantly impact the environment. You would also benefit from reduced electricity bills.

At Dynamic Slr, in pursuit of this noble goal, we provide the best solar panels in Kingwood, TX. Are you worried about financing? Well, we partner with various financial institutions for solar loans or leases to help ease the burden.

You can take advantage of the conducive weather and install solar panels. We offer free solar quote when you reach out to us. Additionally, our installers are experienced and well-trained to install the solar panels seamlessly. As locally-based solar installers, we know how to tilt the solar modules for optimal performance.

Going Solar for Climate Change

You may have already noticed the adverse impact of air pollution on the climate in Kingwood, TX. Currently, there is an increase in storms and hurricanes. Additionally, warmer summers are extending long into other seasons, leading to over-reliance on an already-stretched grid. The change in precipitation patterns is also threatening to affect agriculture.

We have made the transition to solar smooth, which helps in alleviating the effects of climate change. Many Kingwood residents would be glad to know that every solar panel system installation alleviates the climate change problem.

Going Solar for Job Creation

An industry is judged mostly by its ability to create new jobs annually. Solar power energy is one of the fastest-growing clean energy industries. It is responsible for creating millions of jobs across the globe. Locally, the solar energy sector has contributed to about 334,992 jobs in the United States.

As you switch to solar energy, you are also contributing to creating jobs in the industry. Solar power now employs twice the number of coal workers across the country. Solar alongside wind energy is also responsible for 2 out of every five construction jobs.

Kingwood, TX Solar Incentives and Tax Credits

Though Texas lacks net-metering laws across the state, Reliant Energy Company purchases power from its customers. Once you install the solar panels and generate energy, you can sell it to them at a full electricity retail rate.

Are you still looking for more reasons to go solar? The federal solar tax should be another incentive. You can gain 22% of the total solar costs as a tax credit. Remember, this incentive has been reducing over the years, and it is expected to end in 2022 for residential properties. Take advantage and reach out to us today.

As a Kingwood resident, you also benefit from the state’s renewable energy property tax incentive, thus increasing your home value. Start this journey by investing in our solar panels. They come with extended warranties giving you peace of mind that we are here should anything happen.

Solar Energy, Saving You Money

Energy is essential in running homes and businesses. The amount you save depends on your electricity bill. However, on average, the electricity bill ranges between 120- 150 dollars.

If you look at a period of 8 years, you can cumulate enough in energy bills to pay for solar panels to power your home. Our quality PV modules are built to last for more than 30 years. With the calculations, you will have about 20 years of enjoying free solar energy. Though solar panels have reduced effectiveness to about 80% over time, it is still a good idea to go solar.

Currently, there has been an increase in electricity costs over the years. The costs are projected to increase as the oil prices continue to go up. On the other hand, solar technology continues to become better with time, and costs are also reducing.

An investment in solar energy not only saves you money in the end, but it also increases the value of your home. An increase in property value can mean better rates should you choose to sell your home. It also gives you an edge over other sellers as it makes your home much more attractive to the buyers. 

Do you want to save the environment for future generations? Does the idea of new technologies excite you? Are you planning to sell your property soon? If the answer to these questions is affirmative, it is time to go solar. Contact Dynamic Slr for a seamless transition from conventional energy.