Solar Energy Keller, TX

Want to say goodbye to the hefty electricity bills? Get in touch with your number 1 solar panel installation company in Keller: Dynamic Slr.

Out of more than 15,000 roofs in Keller, only less than 50 have solar panels. According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), around 95% of the roofs are eligible for solar energy. There are several solar contractors in Keller, TX, that offer the service.

Dynamic Slr should be your number 1 choice if you want a seamless transition from conventional energy. We have extensive experience working with several local clients. We are dynamic because we understand all the essential aspects of your neighborhood. Our solar panel installers in Keller know the best roof orientation and solar panel angle to optimize energy catchment.

We have a fast turnaround after we seal a deal. No one wants to foot utility bills after paying for solar energy installation. We offer you a free solar panel quote to establish the estimated amount you will use on the project. Factors which can affect the cost include:

  • Availability of solar incentives.
  • Roof orientation and angle.
  • Size of the solar panel system.
  • Type of the system (grid-tied or off-grid solar energy).

Solar Savings in Keller, TX

Most homes in Keller, TX, spend at least $1,500 every year on electricity. For commercial buildings, the expense could even be 10 times higher than that. But you can say goodbye to the hefty utility bills if you install solar panels.

The average cost of solar panels in Keller, TX, is $2.8 per watt. However, this is the average for a basic project. The amount could be lower for large commercial solar installations. A 6 kW solar panel system is enough for most homes. Therefore, you can use the two to calculate the estimated cost of a system that can serve you even during cloudy days.

2.8 × 6,000 = 16,800

There are federal and state government incentives that can help you reduce the cost. Currently, the federal government offers a 26% solar panel investment tax credit to all solar homes.


Net cost = 16,800  × 74% = $12,432

After going solar in Keller, you will save $1,500 every month on utility bills. The payback for the solar panels is usually less than 10 years. Considering that the solar panel system could last for around 30 years, you will enjoy over 20 years of free energy.



Solar Savings

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Solar Energy Incentives

Texas does not have statewide solar incentives, but there are other benefits you can enjoy. Most utility companies, including Oncor, offer limited solar incentives to their clients. The incentives can help you to cut on the cost of solar panels in Keller, TX.

Another financial benefit of solar energy is the increase in property value without an additional property tax. Solar panel installation can increase the value of your building by up to 4%. You can also apply for the government solar ITC to get a 26% deduction on the project’s total cost.

The solar incentives will change in 2021 to 22% for both residential and commercial buildings. In 2022, the ITC for residential solar panel installation will be scrapped off. The residential installations will retain a 10% incentive. You can take advantage of the government subsidy to install solar panels in Keller.

ITC Schedule

Benefits of Solar Energy

There are economic, environmental, and social benefits of solar energy in Keller, TX. First, you will save on electricity bills and enjoy free power after the payback period. Households can save around $120 every month or even more, depending on your consumption. Commercial buildings could even use 10 times the amount every year.

Solar energy also increases the value of your property. On estimate, the average increment of the value is 4%. The depreciation does not attract any extra property tax. The solar energy industry is also a source of employment. At the moment, there are close to 250,000 employees, according to EESI. Solar energy will be the primary source of energy by 2050. Therefore, the industry will keep creating more jobs for Americans.

In environmental conservation, solar energy is one of the primary contributors. For example, if Keller was to go solar to full potential, it would be equivalent to planting over 4 million trees over a decade. According to Project Sunroof data explorer, the transition would eliminate at least 165 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (November 2018). There is a worrying trend about global warming. Projections show that there will be a 2°C temperature increase by 2050 if we do not reduce the current 4 metric tons per capita carbon footprint by half.