Solar Energy Irving, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018), Irving has less than 100 solar installations. The city has solar viability of 80%, which means there a lot needs to be done.

After deciding to go solar, the next step is to get a reliable solar energy contractor near Irving. But maybe searching solar panel companies near me has not been fruitful. Getting a solar energy company in Irving can prove a hard nut to crack. But that does not have to be the case; we are here for you.

Solar energy installation is a long term investment. Whether you want to go solar on your residential or commercial property, you should get value for your money. That is why we offer long term warranty for our solar energy systems as a quality guarantee. We also have affordable rates for all solar accessories. You can get cheap panels from our local stores. We then start the solar installation process to give you freedom from the electricity company. 

The Cost of Solar Energy in Irving, TX

One of the concerns when going solar is whether the shift makes economic sense? An average Irving home uses around $1,500 on electricity. The cost could even be higher if you have high power consuming gadgets like electric cars. Will you live in the bondage of paying the hefty electricity bills forever? Go solar today and gain energy independence.

On average, solar energy systems last for a minimum of 25 years. The payback period for solar panels is around 8 years. That means you will enjoy the services of the system for the rest of its life. The solar panels could even last for more than 5 decades, if well taken care of.

The average cost of solar panels in Irving, TX is $2.8/W. To estimate the cost of the solar energy system that can support your activities, you should consider your current energy bill, gadgets that use electricity, and future plans. You can get a solar panel system cost estimate for free from our customer service.

After getting the estimated solar panel system that can support your home, you should multiply with the cost per watt. For example:

7 kW solar energy system

7 kW = 7,000 W

Therefore: 7000 × 2.8 = 19,600

$19, 600


To reduce the cost above, you can apply for solar incentives from the state and federal governments.  

Federal and State Solar Incentives

Utility companies, organizations, federal and state governments offer financial incentives for solar installation in Irving. Considering the benefits of solar power, there is every reason to woo more people to go solar. Currently, the industry employs more people than any other energy source. Apart from that, the zero-emissions mean no environmental pollution. Some of the solar energy financial incentives in Irving are:

  • Solar rebates
  • Investment tax credit (ITC)
  • Local solar incentives
  • Property tax exemptions
  • Low-interest loans

You can take advantage of solar incentives from the local government or organizations. Although they are limited, they can reduce the solar panel installation costs by up to 20%. Texas does not offer any statewide solar rebates, but you can get the same from your utility company. Rebates are provided for a certain number of installations, and once the target number is achieved, it is withdrawn.

The federal government offers 26% ITC of the total cost, deductible from your annual tax returns. There is no maximum value of investment tax credit. The solar installer should help you to apply for the benefits.

 Some financial institutions also offer low-interest financing options for solar panel installation in Irving. For property tax exemption, you do not incur more taxes for value improvement after going solar. 

Solar Panel Maintenance in Irving, TX

Solar panels require little maintenance practices that are DIY-friendly. You should clean solar panels in case of excess dust. However, in areas where there is regular rainfall, rainwater is enough to clean the solar panels.

You should also ensure that no shade that hinders maximum solar energy harnessing. Make sure that there are no rusty parts which can affect the solar panel output.

There are also solar panels cleaning companies in Irving that can help to keep the system in an excellent performance. Do you want to go solar in Irving, TX? Get in touch with us and get a solar quote from our experts. You will save a lot after the payback period of around 8 years.