Solar Energy Woodbranch, TX

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Distributed PV installation is the leading cause of solar industry growth in the US. Currently, solar makes up 1.7% of the total US electricity. As many home and business owners choose solar, the US’s installed capacity is expected to hit 107 GWdc in the next five years.

There is 74% solar-viability in Woodbranch, TX, as there are about 564 sq ft covered in solar panels. If the total roof space of 312K sq ft had PV modules, they would generate about 5.3K MWh AC per yr. Ground-mounted solar can also help increase this capacity for buildings where roof installation is not ideal.

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Solar Energy Benefits in Woodbranch, TX

You may have seen an increase in the number of roofs covered with solar panels and wondered about the benefits. Choosing solar energy comes with many benefits.

Saving Money with Solar

When you install solar panels on your property, you say goodbye to the electricity bill. On average, homeowners can save $1,500 annually. Saving this amount cumulatively for more than two decades gives you a tidy sum. Once homeowners invest in solar, they choose to pay the investment costs using the annual electricity bill. As a result, they can reach solar breakeven in the 9th year.

It’s worth noting that though solar panels have 25+ years in warranty, they can continue working even after that period expires. Therefore, you not only enjoy 16 years of free electricity before the 25th year mark but also continue to get free power for a few more years. On average, homeowners can save over $20,000 before the warranty period expires.

Solar Costs Calculations

On average solar costs $2.77 per watt in Woodbranch, TX. Most homes can be powered by a 6kW system, which would cost about $16,620 before the inclusion of the ITC. When you deduct the 26% ITC, you can pay $12,299 to purchase the system. The ITC refers to the investment tax credit, which was introduced in 2006, aiming to reduce solar installation costs.

Total Cost 2.77 × 6000 = $ 16,620

ITC incentive 26% × 16,620 = 4,321.2

Net Cost 16,620 – 4,321.2 = $12,298.8

Savings Calculations

Repayment duration 12,298.8 ÷ 1500 = 8.1

The period after repaying the system 25 – 8.1 = 16.9

Total amount saved within 25 years 16.9 × 1500 = 25,350

100% Clean Energy in Woodbranch, TX

Climate change is changing lives and impacting them negatively. There are rising sea levels, wildfires, record-breaking storms, and a change in weather patterns. Texas is already experiencing longer and hotter summers that tend to strain the grid.  

The leading cause of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions. Most of these gases are emitted when burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. All industries, transport, and homes rely on this electricity to keep operations and appliances running.

When you choose solar energy, you embrace sustainable and clean energy. There are no emissions as the solar panels generate electricity. This aspect makes it one of the best sources of energy.

The installed solar capacity in the country can help void about 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If the total viable roof capacity in Woodbranch, TX, chose solar, the city would void about 3.2K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. It is equal to taking 685 passenger cars off the road for a year or growing 83.1K for 10 years.

Solar energy has an immediate effect on the environment. Installing PV modules also help improve the air quality. Once this happens, conditions such as asthma can reduce.

Solar Energy in Job Creation

Emerging industries can only be sustained when they help create jobs in the economy. Solar energy is one of the leading employers. Globally, there are millions of jobs linked to the solar industry. Solar has helped created over 334,992 jobs. This figure exceeds the one contributed by the coal industry.

In fact, Texas has over 11,333 linked to the solar industry. When you choose solar, you help sustain the industry and create jobs. As jobs are created, the economy becomes better and bigger.

Choosing solar offers many benefits for many people and the environment as well. You can reach out to us to get started on this journey.