Solar Energy Willis, TX

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Despite the ranging pandemic effects, the solar energy industry enjoyed a 43% growth. This growth is in line with the 49% growth each year experienced over the last decade. Within the next five years, it is expected that installations will reach 107 GWdc.

With over 71% of solar-viable roofs 1.3M sq ft, Willis, TX residents can generate about 23.3K MWh AC per yr. It’s worth noting that solar panel installations are not restricted to rooftops. Property owners can choose ground-mounted solar if the roof is not ideal for panel installation.

If you are looking for a solar installation company in Willis, TX, to help with going solar, reach out to us for an unforgettable experience. At Dynamic Slr, we are reputable in offering quality solar products and services. You can send us your electricity bill for a free solar quote.

Incentives for Choosing Solar in Willis, TX

The world has embraced solar, and it is poised to become the leading source of clean energy. Various factors have facilitated the 49% average annual growth for solar over the last decade. Input from federal and state governments have facilitated this growth in the solar industry.

Federal Tax Investment

The federal government introduced the investment tax credit or ITC in the early 2000s to encourage solar energy adoption. Since its introduction, the installed solar capacity reached 88.9 GW, which is enough to power about 16.4 million homes.


During its introduction, home and business owners who installed solar would receive 30% of the total installation costs as a tax credit. This incentive helped to reduce the cost of solar installation, making it more affordable for homeowners. This increased solar energy adoption also helped create the market for solar, which helped reduce the costs further.

After the introduction of the ITC, the government also set in place a phasedown calendar. Over the last few years, this incentive has received several extensions, with the latest being last year. Currently, solar installation projects enjoy a 26% ITC.

This percentage will continue to be applied until December next year, where it will reduce to 22% in 2023. The incentive is slated to end in 2023 for all residential installations. However, commercial installations will still enjoy 10% ITC in 2024.

At Dynamic Slr, we believe in helping our clients have the best transition to solar energy. Due to this, we carefully size the PV module system, design, and install it to your satisfaction. You can start the solar installation process while the percentage is still high to enjoy a higher tax credit.

The Buyback Option

Most states have a state-mandated net-metering policy. Though Texas is not one of these states, home and business owners still enjoy the buyback option. This option allows you to earn credit for your system’s excess energy when you connect to the grid.

The earned credit allows you to draw energy from the grid without added costs when the system’s production is low. Factors such as cloudy days, maintenance, or repair can affect the PV system’s production.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

The property value increases when you install solar panels on your property. Studies show that homes with solar increase their value by about 4%. Given this, the state government introduced the renewable energy property tax exemption policy. It allows you to receive a 100% tax exemption of the appraised value.

Additionally, the state introduced bills preventing HOAs from expressly prohibiting solar panel installation. This bill accords homeowners with much more protection from these organizations. Though there some strict guidelines, HOAs cannot ban the installation of PV arrays on your property.

Solar Panel Installation Company in Willis, TX

Choosing solar frees you from the grid and gives you a lot more energy freedom. Home and business owners also save money with solar as they help to save the planet. However, to achieve the desired energy independence, the solar panel installers in Willis, TX that you choose are crucial.

A perfectly sized system prevents a need for adjustments or additions, which can also mean incurring more expenses. When you use our solar panel installation services, you avoid such incidents. Our solar experts visit your home for assessment and to determine the exact number of PVs to use for your home.

We understand that solar PV modules are a worthy investment, and they should last for decades. For this reason, we do not rush the solar sizing and designing. We are also covered under general insurance liability, keeping you covered in case of damages. Talk to us today.