Solar Energy West Columbia, TX

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Humans have been using solar energy for millennia in passive form. However, in 1954, the invention of silicon photovoltaic cells by Bell Laboratories changed the way people could use solar. Now, we can harness solar energy and use it at night when there is no sunlight.

Many governments across the world are encouraging the use of solar energy. Currently, solar contributes 2% of the world’s electricity. Over the last few decades, the cost of solar has reduced dramatically, making it much more affordable. There is about 88.9 GW of installed solar capacity in the US.

Choosing solar energy has various benefits. Home and business owners in West Columbia, TX, can reduce electricity bills as they help save the planet. If you want the best solar panel installation services in West Columbia, TX, talk to Dynamic Slr for a seamless transition.

Solar Energy Costs in West Columbia, TX

Solar panel costs have dropped by over 70% in the last decade. Currently, the average solar panel cost in West Columbia, TX is $2.8 per watt for residential installations. Commercial PV installation enjoys a slightly lower cost due to the size of the project. For an average home powered by a 6kW system, the total cost would be about $16,800.

Since 2006, the government introduced the investment tax credit that helped reduce the installation costs. Under this incentive, residential, utility-scale, and commercial solar installation projects received 30% of the total costs as a tax credit.

The government has been phasing down the incentive, and currently, users receive 26% tax credit. In 2023, the incentive will reduce to 22% in December the same year for residential installations. Commercial PV installation projects will still receive the incentive in 2024, however, at 10%. It is advisable to take advantage of the incentive before it ends.

Solar Panel Capacity

Cost (2.8 × System Size)

Net Cost (Cost-ITC)

4 kW



5 kW



6 kW



7 kW



8 kW



9 kW



10 kW



Professional Solar Panel Installation in West Columbia, TX

When embarking on a long-term investment, it is normal for people to become frantic. The same case can apply when investing in solar energy. Choosing the best solar panel installation company helps to eliminate this worry.

At Dynamic Slr, we offer unmatched solar panel installation services in West Columbia, TX. First, we are a locally-based company giving us the required knowledge of the city. As a result, we install for optimal energy productions. Additionally, we have general insurance liability that helps protect your home or business. We have mandatory installers licenses.

Moreover, our solar experts have years of experience, giving sufficient knowledge in designing various types of PV systems. For homeowners needing additional installations such as solar tracking devices or storage systems, we have got you covered. Our solar experts in West Columbia, TX, are familiar with installing robust systems.

Why Choose Solar in West Columbia, TX?

There is sun all year round in West Columbia, TX making it ideal for solar energy use. Homes and businesses can harness enough energy to meet their power needs. Installing solar panels allows you to benefit from the buyback option. This option allows you to receive credit when your system generates excess energy, thus covering you when the system’s production reduces.

When you install solar energy, you get rid of your electricity bill, which allows you to save money. On average, homeowners who install solar panels can save over $20,000 within the first 25 years of installing solar panels. If your system is well-sized, it can still generate enough energy to meet your needs, even on cloudy days.

One of the benefits of installing solar is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity leads to greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels do not have emissions when generating electricity. For this reason, solar energy is one of the leading sources of clean energy.

Effects of global warming have been increasing each year. Currently, Texas experiences longer and hotter summers, which strain the grid due to increased demand leading to greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, there are record-breaking storms that disrupt livelihoods. Installing solar panels allows you to help the world attain the carbon emissions goals.

Lastly, when you install solar panels on your property, its value increases by about 4%. Give us a call and let us talk more about how you can smoothly switch to solar energy.