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Texas Homeowners are Saying "No More!" to their Electric Company and Switching to Solar Energy.

Decades back, if someone had mentioned solar energy as a growing industry in Texas, many wouldn’t have believed it. Of course, it would have been as far away from the truth as can be. But in 2020, it has become an undeniable fact.


Texas, the heart of the United States, has also become a heart for the solar energy industry’s growth. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing everything to a halt, the solar energy industry has increased in the face of the oil and gas industry going down.

Texas Solar Energy Evolution

Moreover, with the state incentives proofing your solar panel plans, now would be a great time to invest in solar energy.

So, if you have been thinking about whether solar energy in Texas would make a good investment, take our word when we tell you, it is.


Below, we’ve listed the most detailed guide on everything you need to know about solar energy TX. Let’s get you started on the safest investment of your life.

Why Should I Get Solar Energy in Tx?

Texas has always been the hub of technological advancements, but it might become the heart of green improvements with the solar energy industry’s growth. That is to say that among many other reasons to go solar, the top one includes the fact that it is pro-environment.


It can be said to be the best alternative to the state’s increasing energy crisis. Offering less pollution and saving water, solar energy hails as no less than a savior for the locals and Texas’s industrialists.


To ensure that you correctly understand the many benefits of installing solar energy panels in Texas, we’ve discussed the top 7 benefits below. Let’s take a look at them.


1. Drastic Reduction In Your Electricity Bills


The best part about solar energy is that it’s infinite. This essentially allows you to convert and use as much power for your homes or offices as you want.


Consequently, you can power up enough electricity for your house with a fully charged solar panel. This results in reduced electricity bills. For many people who rely entirely on solar panels to provide electricity, the electric bills can even drop as low as only 10% per month. Now that’s something that’d help you save up a lot, wouldn’t it?


Here’s what we recommend you do; before you install solar panels at your home or workplace, run an initial audit for your requirements. You can hire a professional to do that or even do it yourself. Once you know your requirements clearly, you’d be in a better position to decide how many panels you need.


2. A Greener Option For The Environment


How many times have you sworn to do something for the environment but couldn’t keep up with your promise? We’d take a wild guess and say at least 90% of the time.


And here’s the thing; it’s not your fault. It’s primarily because of the world we live in and the technologies we have to rely on for everyday functioning. The most prime example would include the use of electricity.


We need it at our homes, in our offices, entertainment centers, and even in the centers. However, to produce electricity, carbon fossils are burned that essentially omit harmful gases for the environment.


But with solar energy, you can go green! Since solar energy creates energy through the sun’s rays, you don’t have to worry about increasing the carbon footprint or harming the environment.


So invest in solar energy today and, in most instances but o something to save the environment.


3. Increases Your Home’s Value


At the heart of every investment lies the return that you get. You need great returns on your investment, and solar panels tx can provide you with that.


Installing a solar panel in Texas means a $3.00 increase per watt to your home’s value. Just calculate the watts that you use in a month or even a week, and you’d see how much it can benefit your home in the long-run. However, you should keep in mind that this increase is directly proportional to the quality of the solar panels you’ve installed.


So, we’d advise you to choose quality solar panels. That will lead to an overall increase in your home’s value and offer a greater return to your one-time investment.


4. Can Last For Lifetime!


Solar panels usually come with at least a 15-year warranty, but they last for a lifetime in most instances. This essentially means that not only will you get to enjoy lifetime rewards on your one-time investment, but with each year, it would lead to lesser electricity bills.


The more you rely on solar energy, the farther you’d move from the stress of electric bills. This way, all of you can use your electric powered technology and electronics like a television or even a refrigerator without continually worrying about higher bills. How cool is that?


5. Tax Incentives


What could be better than the state promoting the use of solar energy?


In 2015, the federal government introduced tax incentives on the use of solar energy. As a homeowner, you can claim up to 30% of solar panels’ cost. Moreover, there is no limit to this credit.


There are many other state tax incentives and rebates regarding solar energy, which we’ve discussed below, so don’t forget to read that section.


6. Contribution Towards the Society – Employment Opportunities


Finally, the solar energy industry has created more than 10,000 jobs in Texas, which provides employment opportunities for many people. In this way, it becomes a great way of contributing back towards society.



How Much Will It Cost To Get Solar Energy Tx?

We can safely assume that by far, you’re convinced on why installing solar panels in Texas would be an ideal choice for you. So let’s discuss the installation cost now.


It would cost you around $30,000 to install solar panels in your house to effectively provide energy to the entire house and fulfill all your needs. However, for many, this upfront cost can create a massive dip in their savings, and that is why the next section will interest you.


Are There Any Loan Options Available?

If you ask us, we’d advise you to take solar loans. Yes, it would cost you a bit more in the net payment, but it would also allow you to save yourself from a hefty upfront payment and would scale your investment as you keep using it.


This model will suit you more if you’re in Texas because you can keep paying with the money that you save on electricity bills. So in about 10 or 15 years, you’d be all clear of your solar loan payments and would continue to reap the benefits of solar energy.


Are There Any State Incentives for Getting Solar Panel Installation Tx?

As mentioned earlier, many state incentives in Texas’d motivate you to invest in the solar panel industry or simply purchase panels for your home or workplace.


The most important one includes the renewable energy property tax exemption incentive. Under this tax exemption law, you can continue to enjoy your property’s increased value because of solar panel installation without paying any additional taxes on it. Consequently, your house value will keep growing, and you would also be saving money on the tax front.


Next, there are no defined rules on net metering. However, if your solar panel produces extra energy, you rceeive credits on your electric bill. As it happens, this little incentive can be quite motivating for some people.


Finally, according to the federal tax credit for solar energy, you can save up to 26% on your investment. This means that if solar panels would cost you $30,000, you’d be saving a significant $7,800 on the purchase.


Final Word

There’s no denying the fact that solar energy tx is on the rise. And if you wish to rise alongside, now is the time to do so.


With motivating state rebates and incentives, alongside many benefits that solar panels tx offer, you too can go green in Texas while fulfilling all your electric needs.


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