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Man has always relied on passive solar. However, the silicon photovoltaic cells invention in 1954 by Bell Laboratories paved the way for active solar. People could now harness the sun’s energy to power their homes and businesses. The earliest adopters to using solar energy are the space industry.

Since 1954, the PV modules have only become better with time. They have increased efficiency, which means more energy is produced, and they are also affordable. The US has currently installed over 88.9 GW of solar capacity, making up the 1.7% of total electricity.

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Save Money with Solar in Taylor Lake Village, TX

If you are looking for an investment that can save you money, solar energy it is. It allows you to get rid of your electricity bills. Businesses with solar also enjoy a stable source of energy with price volatility risks, ensuring they get more profit.

As a homeowner, you can save more than $25,000 within the first 25 years of installing the solar PVs. It’s worth noting that the investment tax credit significantly reduces solar installation costs. This reduced cost helps homeowners to reach breakeven within the 9th year of having solar.

Since 2006, home and business owners who choose solar have been receiving the investment tax credit. Initially, the ITC allowed commercial, residential, and utility-scale solar projects to receive 30% of the total installation cost as a tax rebate. Since the cost of solar over a decade ago was about $8.50 per watt, it dramatically reduced the total costs.

However, the government has been phasing down this incentive gradually by reducing the percentage. Currently, the ITC is at 26% after a two-year extension of the phasedown process. Starting the process to install solar panels will allow you to receive this higher percentage before it dips to 22%.

Solar Cost Calculations

Solar costs about $2.77 per watt in Taylor Lake Village, TX. You can use a 6kW system to power an average home in this region. Once you deduct the ITC, you can part with $12,299 to pay such a system.

Total Cost 2.77 × 6000 = $ 16,620

ITC incentive 26% × 16,620 = 4,321.2

Net Cost 16,620 – 4,321.2 = $12,298.8

Savings Calculations

Once you switch to solar, you get rid of the electricity bill. Most homeowners choose to use the $1,500 annual electricity bill to pay for the PV system. Due to this, they can repay the system within 8-9 years. Once they repay the solar energy system, they continue to enjoy free electricity. You can save over $25,000 by the 25th year as a result.

12,298.8 ÷ 1500 = 8.1

25- 8.1 = 16.9

16.9 × 1500 = 25,350

Solar Panels Degradation

Did you know that solar panels can generate electricity for more than 40 years? Solar manufacturers provide a warranty covering expected panel degradation of about 1% annually. Very hot or cold temperatures affect the solar PVs degradation rate. In areas with a moderate climate, the PVs’ annual degradation rate reduces to about 0.1%, which allows them to continue working for long.

Other factors such as shading, and lack of proper maintenance can lead to faster degradation. Eliminating such factors allows homeowners to continue enjoying free electricity for many years.

Solar Panel Installation Company in Taylor Lake Village, TX

You derive immense economic value from installing solar panels. Therefore, you should not compromise on the installation company that you choose. It is good to ensure they have experience in handling and designing various PV arrays.

An ideal solar installation company should also have the necessary licensing. Additionally, they should be backed by general liability insurance to cover your home from any arising damage. Solar companies that handle commercial installations should also know how to size the system to guarantee enough energy production properly.

At Dynamic Slr, we meet the above checklist and more. Also, we understand that solar panels are an investment that should serve you for many years. Due to this, we install solar panels professionally to avoid shading. Additionally, our solar panel installers in Taylor Lake Village, TX, give you tips on how you can maintain the PV system to avoid damage. Talk to us today.