Solar Energy Sweeny, TX

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As the cost of electricity has been going up in the last decade, solar prices have been reducing. Solar energy has experienced an over 70% decline in costs over the last decade. This decline has continued to spur growth in this industry as the current installed capacity has reached 88.9 GW.

Solar energy contributes1.7% of the total US electricity. As home and business owners continue to install PV modules, this percentage is bound to increase. Apart from solar on the rooftops, properties without ideal roofs can choose ground-mounted solar panels.

Solar energy is a long-term investment. As such, you need the best solar panel installation company in Sweeny, TX, to handle all the work. At Dynamic Slr, we offer solar panel installation services at affordable market price. Also, we have quality products that come with a long-term warranty. You can send us your electricity for a free solar quote.

Solar for Positive Impact on the Environment

The world is experiencing a revolution in how it approaches energy. Many countries are heavily investing in renewable and sustainable energy. Solar, wind, and hydropower are leading in this field. However, solar energy is slowly becoming a leading force in the clean energy field.

Pursuing clean energy has happened as a necessity as the way we power economies is no longer sustainable. Currently, economies rely on energy from burnt fossil fuels to operate. The leading cause of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions, which come from burning fossil fuels for electricity.

When one installs PV modules to generate electricity, there are no emissions in this process. As a result, they help void carbon dioxide emissions and other gases. Choosing clean energy means that we can avoid the devastating effects of global warming.

Many nations have experienced the effects of global warming. Such effects include rising sea levels threatening coastal lives, record-breaking storms, wildfires, and drastic weather patterns affecting farmers. Notably, by 2016 most states had warmed by 1.5 degrees. Additionally, climate change effects are expected to felt the most in Texas.

Choosing solar energy benefits the planet significantly. Once you choose solar, you help void more than half a ton of sulfur dioxide, one-third a ton of nitrogen oxides, and 100 tons of carbon dioxide during the system’s lifespan. As a result, you participate in helping the world address the growing climate change concern.

We pride ourselves on designing the best solar PV systems in Sweeny, TX. Our solar experts at Dynamic Slr handle all the paperwork to make the process as smooth as possible. We also listen to your energy goals and install a system that meets this demand.

Solar Energy Incentives in Sweeny, TX

The growth of the solar industry has taken significant efforts from both the federal and state governments. Once you choose to go solar, you receive incentives to support this move.

Federal Tax Incentive

The most significant incentive that has facilitated the growth of the solar industry in the country is the investment tax credit. The federal government introduced the ITC incentive in the early 2000s to encourage homeowners to choose solar. Since its introduction, the industry has grown by an average of 49% annually.

When it was introduced, residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects received 30% of the total installation cost as a tax credit. This move encouraged many users to choose solar as it helped reduce the cost of solar dramatically. Currently, home and business owners enjoy 26% ITC when they install solar.

Initially, the incentive was to reduce to 22% and end in December this year. However, the phasedown process received a two-year extension. The current percentage will last until the end of next year and reduce to 22% in 20203. However, it will end the same year for residential installations, but commercial installations will receive a 10% incentive in 2024.

If you choose to install solar today, you will benefit from the extended 26%, which reduces the cost of solar. You can contact our PV installers in Sweeny, TX will guide you through the process.

The Buyback Option

Most home and business owners who install solar connect to the grid. Therefore, they can receive credit from the utility company if the system generate excess energy. This credit allows them to draw from the grid when their PV systems have reduced production.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

Apart from enjoying free electricity when you install solar, you benefit from an increase in your property value. Homes with solar enjoy a 4% value increase on their property. In view of this, the state gives you a 100% renewable energy property tax exemption on this appraised value.

Solar energy is good for you and the environment. Contact Dynamic Slr and start making a positive impact today.