Solar Energy Surfside Beach, TX

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The answer to the world’s energy deficit is solar. Solar energy is an abundant resource. The invention of silicon photovoltaic cells allowed the world to take advantage of the resource. As technology grows, there are newer and fascinating ways of harnessing solar energy, such as the AuREUS. It allows for maximum production of electricity even when clouds roll in.

With over 96% of solar-viable roof space at 1.1M sq ft, Surfside Beach, TX, presents an opportunity for solar panel installation (Project Sunroof data explorer). This is a potential capacity of 20.4K MWh AC per yr, which would ease the grid’s pressure. Solar energy is taking its place as one of the leading sources of clean energy.

At Dynamic Slr, we have the best solar panel installers in Surfside Beach, TX. We take time to take our customers through the process. Additionally, we listen to your energy goals when designing the PV system and ensure we work within your budget while maximizing your solar potential.

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Surfside Beach, TX

There are differences between residential and commercial solar panel installation. These two projects differ both in costs and sizes. Residential solar panel installation is a small project that can take a few days to install. However, its costs are slightly higher than commercial PV installations.

Commercial PV systems help to power large business operations. We can install the PVs on the commercial building’s rooftop, carports, or ground-mounted depending on the property’s size.

Due to the size of the project, commercial PV module projects require experts and well-experienced installers. At Dynamic Slr, we have experience designing robust commercial solar panel systems for many clients.

After a site visit, we can advise on the best place for the PV installation. We also look at your energy demands and advise on an appropriately sized system to meet these needs. Additionally, our solar PVs come with long-term warranties.

Solar Energy Incentives in Surfside Beach, TX

The growth in the solar industry did not happen overnight. It has taken various federal and state governments’ incentives to encourage home and business owners to switch to solar energy.

Solar Energy Incentives in Surfside Beach, TX

The government introduced federal investment tax credit in 2006. The incentive allowed residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar to receive 30% of the total installation cost as a tax credit. At the time, solar cost around $8.50 per watt. This incentive helped to reduce the installation costs dramatically.

As a result, many businesses and homeowners began to switch to solar, which helped reduce cost. Currently, the cost of solar is 2.77 per watt in Surfside Beach, TX. The solar energy industry has also been growing at 49% annually over the last decade.

The percentage reduced to 26% for the last few years as the government set out to phase-down the incentive. Initially, the rebate was to reduce to 22% this year and end by December. However, the subsidy got a two-year extension. The current phase-down calendar is as follows.

  • 26% in 2021 to 2022
  • 22% in 2023 ending December for Commercial installations
  • 10% for commercial premises in 2024.

Solar Buyback Option

Another incentive that home and business owners enjoy is the buyback option. This option allows you to receive credit for the excess energy your system generates. The credit will enable you to draw power from the grid when your system’s production is low at no extra cost. System repair, maintenance, or cloudy days can affect the system’s output.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

When you install solar arrays on your property, your home’s value increases. Research shows that homes with solar enjoy a resale value increase of about 4%. Because of this, the state introduced the renewable energy property tax exemption. It allows you to receive a 100% property tax exemption on the increased resale value.

Additionally, the state put in place a bill that prevents homeowners’ (HOAs) and property owners’ associations (POAs) from outrightly restricting the installation of solar panels on your property. As a result, homeowners enjoy more protection, and they can switch to solar. However, there are some guidelines that one needs to follow.

Installing solar panels is a significant investment. For this reason, you should only work with the best solar panel installers in Surfside Beach, TX. Reach out to us today for a seamless switch to solar.