Solar Energy Simonton, TX

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No government or entity has found a way to meter the unlimited sun’s energy. That is good news, as anyone in the world can enjoy solar energy benefits without interference. Fossil fuel prices keep changing due to various factors.

All one would need to enjoy solar energy is some solar panels and solar energy storage. It is also the easiest source of energy to restore after natural calamities such as extreme storms. Additionally, solar energy offers the world clean energy helping ease the effects of climate change.

If you are thinking about choosing solar energy, you need the best solar panel installation company in Simonton, TX. We provide quality solar products and unmatched installation services. When you share your electricity bill with us, we will offer a free solar quote. Installing solar panels also allows you to enjoy a 26% tax credit, which reduces your installation costs.

Solar Energy Uses in Simonton, TX

You can use solar energy to power any appliances the same way you do traditional electricity. You can use solar energy to generate electricity for use in manufacturing and to provide light. For this reason, solar power is attractive to businesses as it reduces operating costs. Furthermore, solar is reliable, which reduces price volatility.

Distributed PV from residential installations helps homeowners generate electricity to power their homes. Using free electricity from the sun allows homeowners to save money over time. You can also connect to the grid, allowing you to receive credit from the buyback option.

Once you install PV arrays on your property, you gain energy independence from the utility company and eliminate electricity bills. Moreover, your home receives a modern touch when you install solar panels. Our leading solar panel installers in Simonton, TX, will put up a system that can meet your home and business energy needs.

Saving Money with Solar

On average, a homeowner can save more than $30000 within the solar panel’s lifespan. The average cost of solar in Simonton, TX, is $2.8 per watt for residential installations. The price is slightly lower for commercial solar panel installation due to the project’s size. As a homeowner, you can use a 6 kW system to power your home. Such as system would cost about $12,432 after subtracting the ITC.

The ITC refers to the investment tax credit. It was put in place by the federal government in 2006 to help reduce solar costs for home and business owners. During its introduction, home and business owners who installed solar would receive 30% of the total installation costs as a tax credit.

Currently, the percentage stands at 26%. Over the past few years, the government has been trying to phasedown the incentive. Initially, the rebate was to reduce to 22%, subsequently ending in December for residential properties. However, commercial installations would have continued to enjoy the incentive at 10% in 2022. However, the phasedown was extended by two years.

Total Solar Costs: 2.8 × 6000 = 16800

ITC calculation: 26% × 16800 = 4,368

Net Cost( Solar cost – ITC) 16800 – 4368 = 12,432

Savings Calculations

Going solar allows you to get rid of the electricity costs. As a result, you can use the $1,500 annual electricity bill to pay for solar. Therefore, you can pay the solar within 8-9 years. It then allows you to enjoy free electricity for over 20 years before the solar warranty expires.

Repayment Duration: 12,432 ÷ 1500 = 8.3

Warranty period 30 – 8.3 = 21.7

Total Saving: 21.7 × 1500 = 32,550

It’s worth noting that solar panels do not stop working once they hit the warranty period, meaning you will continue to save money. On average, solar panels can work for about 40 years. From these calculations, you can see that solar energy is a worthy investment.

Solar Panel Installation Company in Simonton, TX

Solar energy is a long-term investment. You also derive many benefits if it continues to as expected. For this to happen, you need to get the best solar panel installation services in Simonton, TX.

Additionally, solar panel installers should be licensed with years of experience. It is also good to go for a company that has designed various PV systems as this gives them wider knowledge on several clients’ needs. General liability insurance from the installers helps protect your home in case of any damages.

A locally-based installer is also well-versed with the area’s weather conditions. Therefore, they install an effective system that can overcome any eventualities. At Dynamic Slr, we meet this checklist and more. Our clients are satisfied with the services they receive from us right from the moment they engage us. We also perform site visits and advise on any necessary changes. Talk to us today.