Solar Energy Arlington, TX

Do you want to go solar in Sienna Plantation, TX? Contact the top solar modules installers- Dynamic Slr.

In cases where disaster strikes, the quickest electricity source to build or repair is solar energy. If you install solar panels to power your home in Sienna Plantation, TX, to have access to electricity even during outages in heavy storms.

Join over 2 million homes in America who have installed solar panels by reaching out to our solar experts. Our clients are satisfied with the quality solar panels that we install in Sienna Plantation, TX. We provide the best services that guarantee your system will be working for a long time, thus safeguarding your solar investment.

There is about 97% of roof space in Sienna Plantation that can hold solar panels. This figure presents a vast potential for the solar industry growth in the region. Going solar gives you independence from the electricity bill. You also have energy security in cases when disaster strikes.

Reduced Solar Costs in Sienna Plantation, TX

Currently, solar is the cheapest and most abundant source of energy globally. On average, solar power costs about $2.6 per watt in Sienna Plantation, TX. This cost has dramatically reduced from $8.50 per watt a decade ago.

About ten years ago, you would have spent about $51,000 for a standard 6 kW system. This cost has reduced to about $15,600 for the same. However, when you include the ITC credit, the total costs come to about $12,168.

The federal government introduced the ITC or investment tax credit to allow people to install solar panels. The efforts have borne fruits as the industry continued to experience a 49% growth annually for the last decade. Due to solar energy contribution, the US’s renewable energy sector surpassed coal for the first time in 130 years last year.

The 22% tax incentive will be scrapped by the end of this year for residential properties. You can make use of this offer while it lasts and install solar panels for your home this year. Our Solar experts at Dynamic Slr are ready to help you go solar in Sienna Plantation, TX. You can reach out to us today.

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid System

You can choose to connect your solar to the grid or not. A grid-tied system will not incur an extra cost as you will not need to purchase batteries for storage. In the system, the utility grid acts as the storage for your solar energy.

Though Texas does not have statewide net-metering policies, you can benefit from utility companies’ buy-back options. The credits you gain allow you to draw from the grid when your system’s production is low. It is an excellent option to consider if you do not have enough space to incorporate solar batteries.

An off-grid solar system provides stability and independence to users who install solar energy. The off-grid option comes at an extra cost as you will need an effective storage system and equipment. Therefore, you need to think about solar energy storage costs. It is essential to have sufficient storage to ensure you are covered during cloudy days when production is low.

Designing a Solar System in Sienna Plantation, TX

Whether you choose a grid-tied system or off-the-grid, you need to think about getting an adequate system. You want to ensure your production is enough to cater to or exceed your demands. When offering solar panel installation services in Sienna Plantation, TX, we design the best system for you.

We consider your electricity consumption by looking at your bill to determine the size of the system you need. We also visit your home for accurate assessment and evaluation. If your roof does not have the correct orientation, we advise on the best remedy for that situation.

Did you know that Sienna Plantation, TX, experiences an average of 5.4 hours per day of peak sunlight? Why is this important?  One of the primary consideration when sizing a solar system is the hours of peak sunlight in the area. However, if you choose to have trackers, your system can access sunlight for 8.4 hours per day.

Solar Financing in Sienna Plantation, TX

We strive to design the most effective system for you to get the maximum benefits of going solar. Have you decided to go solar, and you are worried about financing? We have catered for that by partnering with the best solar financing institutions. Whether you choose solar loans, solar leases, or a PPA, you will get the best terms to make your transition as smooth as possible. Reach out to us today.