Solar Energy Shoreacres, TX

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Solar is an attractive source of energy as it is unlimited. However, it currently contributes about 2% of the total global electricity. Its ability to provide a much-needed energy solution to the world is not in doubt. Due to this, many governments around the globe are encouraging solar energy adoption.

In a few years, solar energy adoption will increase remarkably as technology in this industry continues to grow. At the moment, there are over 89 gigawatts (GW) installed solar capacity in the US. The growth in this industry has also led to a drop in solar prices, making it much more affordable.

Our solar panel installers in Shoreacres, TX, are well-trained. Additionally, Dynamic Slr is a locally-based installation company. As a result, we are familiar with all the factors that affect the PV modules’ efficiency. Our solar products also come with long term warranties.

The Cost of Solar Panels in Shoreacres, TX

Did you know that the expected degradation for solar panels is 1% annually? The manufacturers expect this to happen, and as a result, they provide warranties to back this up. Solar panels can have 25+ years of warranties.

If the degradation percentage is higher than expected, the modules are considered to be faulty. As a result, the manufacturer exchanges the defective solar panels. By the time solar panels reach the end of the warranty period, they produce about 80%.

There are factors such as shading that can fasten the degradation process. Installing solar panels on shaded areas can also void the warranty. Areas that experience very high or low temperatures experience the 1% annual degradation. However, regions with moderate climate have a lower degradation percentage annually.

We pride ourselves on having the best solar panel installation services in Shoreacres, TX. First, we install solar panels in an area without obstacles or shades, which affect the solar panels’ production overtime. We also ensure that we provide quality solar panels without broken or cracked glass. Additionally, we advise our clients on how to take care of the PV modules to prevent faster degradation.

100% Clean Energy in Shoreacres, TX

The effects of climate change are causing people and businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Countries across the world are facing disastrous weather, wildfires, and putting a strain on water resources. The melting ice caps are also leading to rising sea levels.

Closer home, Texas experiences longer and hotter summers, changing weather patterns affecting farmers and heavy flooding disrupting livelihoods. The leading cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. Fossil fuels emit harmful greenhouse gases, which affect the climate. If the world can reduce reliance on these fossil fuels, they would help mitigate climate change.

One of the sources of clean energy is the sun. There are no emissions because solar panels generate electricity from the sun, making it 100% clean energy. You help void over 100 tons of carbon dioxide during the PV’s lifespan by installing solar panels.  

Why Go Solar in Shoreacres, TX

First, there is sun all year round in Shoreacres, TX, which makes it ideal for solar energy use. Home and business owners who install solar panels in the city enjoy the buyback option. As you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you can earn credit from the utility company if your system generates excess energy.

Additionally, you help reduce overreliance on the grid, which helps to stabilize it. Due to heat and longer summers, most people tend to use a lot of electricity to cool their homes, putting a strain on the grid. Using solar panels to cool your home helps to ease the burden.

However, the reason most people can choose to buy solar is to save electricity costs. In Shoreacres, TX, a homeowner can save about $1,500 annually when they switch to solar energy. True, you may need to invest in solar before you can enjoy this benefit. Options like zero down financing allow you to start using solar without paying initial capital.

Once you repay the solar energy system, most homeowners can save about $30,000 before the warranty expires. This aspect of solar makes it very attractive to homeowners. Business owners also benefit from free energy, and they stabilize their electricity costs.

Lastly, homeowners enjoy an increase in their property value. On average, homes that install PV modules get a 4% property value appraisal. There are many benefits to switching to solar for home and business owners alike. At Dynamic Slr, we can help design any solar project size to meet your needs. Reach out to us today to get started.