Solar Energy Sealy, TX

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Solar energy is slowly becoming the renewable energy of choice. It is easy to install and use. All one requires is solar panels and sufficient storage to start harnessing solar panels. In 1954 Bell Laboratories invented silicon photovoltaic cells creating a way for solar energy harnessing.

Since then, solar energy has been used in space exploration and to power homes. Many industries also rely on solar energy to power operations. Currently, there is over 88.9 GW of installed PV capacity in the US. This capacity is enough to power 16.4 million American homes.

If you want to go solar, you need the best solar panel installation company in Sealy, TX. At Dynamic Slr, we provide unmatched solar panel installation services: Right from the moment you contact us to the solar panel installation process, we consider your needs and requirements. Additionally, our products come with long-term warranties.

Solar Energy Costs in Sealy, TX

Did you know the price of solar has reduced by over 70% over the last decade? The cost of solar was an average of $8.50 per watt. An average 6kW system would cost $51,000 to install. However, currently, the average cost of solar in Sealy, TX, is $2.8 per watt, which means the average system would cost about $16,800.

The federal government introduced the investment tax credit or ITC in the early 2000s to make solar energy more affordable. Home and business owners would enjoy 30% of the total cost as a tax rebate in its inception to encourage solar installations.

Currently, the percentage is at 26%, and the government is phasing down the incentive. Initially, the rebate was to reduce to 22% and end by the end of the year. However, the phasedown received a two-year extension.

When you include the incentive, the cost of solar reduces dramatically. It would cost around $12,432 to install the 6 kW system when you deduct the ITC. You should take advantage of the extension and start the process as soon as possible. Below is a table showing a breakdown of the various system sizes when you include the ITC. 

Solar Panel Capacity

Cost (2.8 × System Size)

Net Cost (Cost-ITC)

4 kW



5 kW



6 kW



7 kW



8 kW



9 kW



10 kW



As you can see, including the ITC helps to reduce the installation cost of solar dramatically. Due to these low costs, you can reach solar breakeven within a few years. You can reach out to our team at Dynamic Slr for more information on the ITC.

Saving Money with Solar

Many homeowners install solar panels to get rid of the electricity bill; thus, they can save money. Once you have solar, you can say goodbye to the $1,500 annual electricity bill. Many homeowners choose to allocate that amount to pay for solar. As a result, they reach solar break-even within the first 9 years.

Savings Calculations

Once you have repaid the solar system, you enjoy solar for free. You will find that most homes can save around $30,000 within the first 30 years of using solar. For an average system of about $12,432, the savings calculations are as follows:

Repayment Duration: 12,432 ÷ 1,500 = 8.3

Warranty period 30 – 8.3 = 21.7

Total Saving: 21.7 × 1500 = 32,550

It’s worth noting that the solar PV system continues to be effective after it reaches the warranty period, which means more savings.

Solar Panel Degradation

The manufacturer’s solar panel warranty covers the expected degradation. Manufacturers expect solar panels to lose productivity annually by about 1%. Certain factors can slow down or speed this degradation process.

Areas that experience moderate climates have a slower degradation process of about 0.1%. Regions with extreme temperatures can affect solar panel degradation. However, the expected annual loss of production is 1%, and by the end of the warranty period, they have about 80% productivity.

Taking care of the PV system can help reduce the process. One way to do this is to eliminate shade and general maintenance of the PV system to remove obstacles.

Our solar experts in Sealy, TX, will give you useful tips on how you can maintain the system. Additionally, we install the PV modules in conducive places without shade or obstacles that can affect their performance. You can reach out to us today and start to enjoy the solar energy benefits.