Solar Energy Plum Grove, TX

Do you want to go solar in Plum Grove, TX? We've got your back.

You can use solar energy to power your home or business. It is sufficient to power heating and cooling appliances or lights up your home. Solar energy can also run business operations, thus reducing the overhead cost. About 173000 terawatts of solar energy reach the earth at any moment—this energy excess the world’s energy needs by over 10000 times. 

There are about 73% solar-viable roofs in Plum Grove, TX. It is enough to generate over 3.7K MWh AC per yr (Project Sunroof data explorer). At Dynamic Slr, we offer solar panel installation services in Plum Grove, TX, at the market’s best rates. Our solar experts look at factors such as the roof’s angle and orientation when designing a PV system.  

If the roof installation site is not ideal, we can recommend and install ground-mounted solar. We know that solar energy is a long-term investment. As a result, we offer the best solar panels with high quality and long-term warranties. You can send us your electricity bill for a free solar quote.

Investing in Solar Energy in Plum Grove, TX

There is sun all year round in Plum Grove, Tx, making it ideal for solar panel investment. The primary advantage of using solar energy is the money you save. All you need is an investment, and the system will pay itself. There are great solar financing options such as solar loans or leases that you can enjoy.

Solar Costs Calculations

You can save about $25,000 with solar energy for the first 25 years. Solar costs are about $2.77 per watt in Plum Grove, TX. An average 6 kW requires about $12,299, and it is adequate for an average home’s power needs. This figure reduces from $16620 because of the ITC.

In the year 2006, the government introduced the investment tax credit. The solar installation project owners would receive 30% of the total installation cost as a tax rebate. Though the incentive has received several extensions, the government has been trying to phase-down the subsidy.

Currently, homeowners who install solar panels receive a 26% tax credit. This percentage will continue for two more years before reducing to 22% in 2023. The incentive dramatically reduces the installation costs allowing homeowners to repay the system early.

Solar Costs: 2.77 price per watt × 6000 = 16620

ITC incentive: 26% × 16620 = 4,321 

Net Cost (Total Cost – ITC): 16620 – 4,321 = 12,299

Savings Calculations

Most homeowners choose to use their utility bills to pay for solar when they install the modules. The average electricity bill in Plum Grove, TX, is about $1,500. It can take about 8-9 years to repay such a system. Over the next 16 years, homeowners enjoy free electricity before the system reaches the 25th year mark. As such, they can save over $25,000

Repayment duration: 12,299 ÷1500 = 8.2

Solar Usage before warranty mark: 25 – 8.2 = 16.8

Total amount saved: 16.8 × 1500 = 25,201

Notably, solar panels continue to work after reaching the 25th warranty year. Generally, solar panels can last for about 40 years. For this reason, homeowners will continue to enjoy free electricity for several more years, meaning more savings. 

Help Solve Climate Change with Solar

Using solar energy makes economic sense to businesses and residential owners. However, apart from saving money, solar impacts the planet positively. Over the 30 year duration of using solar, you void more than half a ton of sulfur dioxide, one-third a ton of nitrogen oxides, and 100 tons of carbon dioxide. 

Why is this important? Greenhouse gas emissions is the leading cause of global warming. Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity causes these emissions. When you substitute solar energy for traditional electricity, you help prevent these emissions, addressing the climate change challenge.

Events such as record-breaking storms, wildfires, changing weather such as hotter and longer summers are some of the effects of this challenge. Most states have become warmer by 1.5 degrees.

Additionally, Texas will experience one of the worst effects of the global warming problem if we do nothing. Apart from record-breaking storms, Texas will also experience a strain on the water resources. When you choose solar, you become part of the solution.

In fact, of the viable roofs in Plum Grove, TX chose solar today; they would help void about 2.3K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Over-reliance on fossil fuels also affects the air quality, leading to problems such as asthma. Reach out to us at Dynamic Slr and choose solar energy today and save the planet.