Solar Energy Pecan Grove, TX

Are you searching for a reliable solar panel installation company in Pecan Grove, TX? We've got your back.

In the last decade, the solar energy industry grew by 49% annually. The rapidly declining solar costs, increased demand for clean energy, and attractive federal policy have led to this growth. Solar energy has grown as an economic engine by creating over 250,000 jobs in the United States.

Most home and business owners in Pecan Grove, TX, are choosing solar energy. At Dynamic Slr, we provide solar installation services to residents and commercial buildings seeking to make the transition. We ensure your transition is smooth by catering for permits, designing your solar energy system, and offering quality solar panels.

Did you know you can obtain solar energy for your home through zero down financing? We connect our clients with the best solar financing institutions in the region. You can choose solar loans, leases, or PPAs to obtain solar panels. These options have friendly terms helping you ease the burden.

Solar Energy Potential in Pecan Grove, TX

There is a tremendous opportunity for solar energy growth in Pecan Grove, TX. With a 92% roof viability at about 2.2M sq ft of roof space. The city can generate about 40K MWh AC per (Project Sunroof data explorer) year of electricity if adequately exploited. Currently, only about 687sq ft of roof space has solar panels. That amounts to 9.8 kW DC capacity and 12.2K kWh AC per yr of electricity.

It is worth noting that, in the case where some homes may not have ideal roofs to hold solar panels, other solar installation options are available. One such option is using ground-mounted solar to produce energy for the homes. You can reach out to us at Dynamic Slr for more details about this and other available options.

Installing solar panels has a direct impact on the environment. If the solar panels are installed on the entire viable roof, Pecan Grove, TX, residents can help void about 19.5K metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. That is equal to growing 499K tree seedlings for ten years or removing 4.1K passenger cars from the road for a year. If you install solar panels today, you help reduce the environmental impact of global warming.

Solar Energy Uses

We get heat and light from the sun. Photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s light into electricity for use to power homes. Do you want to enjoy this energy? Dynamic has the best solar panel installers in Pecan Grove, TX, who you can rely on to install the solar arrays. Such energy can help power the HVAC and run appliances.

If you are a business owner, solar energy is a good source of electricity to run your business. Our solar experts can install a distributed solar PV system on your roof to help offset your business electricity demands.

The sun’s heat is used through concentrated solar power technology or CSP. CSP is an even more efficient technology. It uses a mirror to concentrate the sun’s heat to a receiver, which powers a turbine creating electricity.

Homeowners in Pecan Grove can also install solar water heaters, which have a ten-year payback. Towns and homes can also use solar energy to power security lights.

Solar Energy Costs and Savings in Pecan Grove, TX

Money can give freedom. It’s always good to be on the lookout for opportunities to save it. Did you know throughout a solar panel’s lifespan, you can save about $24000? Are you wondering how this is possible? Let’s break it down.

Solar Costs

First, to install solar panels, you pay about $2.77 per watt in Pecan Grove, TX. Most residentials can meet their energy demands with a 6 kW system. Do not forget the federal ITC incentive, which is at 22% at the moment. You will need about $12,964 to get the solar panels. On average most homes spend about $1500 annually on electricity.

2.77 × 6000 = 16620

22% × 16620 = 3656

16620 – 3656 = 12964

Solar Savings

When you install solar panels on the roof, you eliminate the electricity bill. If you allocate the $1500 you pay the electricity company annually to paying for solar, you can pay up the system within 8-9 years. After repaying the solar energy system, you can save the amounts for the next 16 years. Remember, solar panels do not stop functioning after this period. However, their production can be around 80%.

12964 ÷1500 = 8.6

25 – 8.6 = 16.4

16.4 × 1500 = 24600

As you can see, calling our solar panel installers in Pecan Grove, TX, to get you started on the solar journey makes for a great investment. We ensure that we properly size your system, giving you independence from utility companies. Call us today and make a long-term solar investment today.