Solar Energy Pattison, TX

Do you want to go solar in Pattison, TX, and enjoy the benefits? We've got your back.

One hour of the sun’s energy is more than enough to supply the entire world’s energy needs for a year. With 173,000 sun’s energy terawatts hitting the earth’s surface at any moment, it makes sense to harness it. For many years, human beings relied on the sun’s passive energy.

However, in 1839 French scientist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. This discovery paved the way for the invention of the silicon photovoltaic cells by Bell Laboratories more than a century later, in 1954. The silicon PVs introduced a new era in solar energy harnessing.

This technology has improved over the years. As a Pattison, TX resident, you can now benefit from solar energy to power your home. If you want the best solar panel installation company in Pattison, TX, we’ve got your back. At Dynamic Slr, we understand that solar is a significant investment. For this reason, we install the best solar PVs in the market and with long-term warranties.

Solar Energy Incentives in Pattison, TX

The world is moving towards clean energy. Since hydro-power puts a strain on water resources, solar power is increasingly becoming the best bet. With this foresight in mind, the federal and state governments put up policies that help support solar energy growth. The leading cause of growth in this industry is solar distribution.

Federal Tax Incentive

Solar energy has an average annual growth of 49% in the last decade. That’s massive growth. One of the factors credited for this increase in solar adoption is the federal government’s investment tax credit, introduced in 2006.

During the ITC introduction, it allowed residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects to receive a 30% of the total installation cost as a tax credit. The government also put in place a phase-down calendar. Initially, the incentive was to end this year for residential solar panel installations. Commercial projects incentive was to continue next year but a reduced 10%.

However, due to the effects of the pandemic, the phase-down was extended for two more years. Currently, users enjoy a 26% incentive when they install solar panels. The calendar is as follows.

  • 26% in 2021 to 2022
  • 22% in 2023 ending December for Commercial installations
  • 10% for commercial premises in 2024.

Home and business owners should take advantage of this high percentage. The incentive dramatically reduces the cost of switching to solar. If you are looking for the best commercial and residential solar panel installers in Pattison, TX, Dynamic Slr is your best bet.

We offer unmatched solar panel installation services. Additionally, we help modernize your home by providing the best solar PV design. Our solar experts offer a correctly sized PV system to meet your energy needs.

Solar Buyback Option

Though Texas lacks the mandatory net-metering policy, utility companies still offer home and business owners the buyback option. Under this incentive, you receive a credit when your system generates enough electricity. This credit comes in handy when your system’s production is low.

There are various factors, such as cloudy days, that can lead to low production. When it is cloudy, the output reduces to about 25%. Additionally, if your system is going through maintenance or repairs, production is also affected. When you have credit, you can use it to cover for such days. It allows you to get energy from the grid at no added cost.

For you to enjoy this option, your system should generate more than enough energy to power your home. For this reason, you will need solar panel installers in Pattison, TX, with skill and expertise. At Dynamic Slr, we exceed industry standards with every solar installation.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

When you install solar panels, your property value increases. This increase is an added advantage of installing solar panels. However, it can also mean an increase in your property tax.

Because of this, the state introduced the renewable energy property tax exemption. Homeowners who switch to solar enjoy 100% property tax exemption on the appraised value. It also means more money in your pocket should you decide to install solar panels.

The state also introduced a bill that prevents the HOAs from prohibiting outright solar panel installations. This policy is another significant incentive that offers protection to homeowners who decide to go solar. Though there may be strict guidelines to follow, homeowners can install panels without interference.

Solar power is no longer the energy of the future because it is powering homes and businesses today. You can choose clean and sustainable solar today. Talk to us at Dynamic Slr today.