Solar Energy Orchard, TX

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Solar energy contributes 1.7% of electricity in the US. For such a vast resource as solar that generates over 173,000 terawatts, this is under-utilization. However, this is a significant percentage in the solar industry, as it has been experiencing a 49% growth annually.

Since 1954 when silicon photovoltaic cells were invented, solar panels have greatly improved. Their efficiency is higher at over 20% than when it began at about 6%. Solar panels designs and types have also emerged. Premium solar panels have huger efficiency though they come at a higher cost.

Large businesses such as Google and Tesla are also adopting solar energy. You can install solar panels in your home to achieve energy independence. Our solar panel installation services in Orchard, TX, are unmatched. We provide solar products with high quality and long-term warranties. You can send us your electricity bill for a free solar quote.

Solar Panel Sizing in Orchard, TX

The goal of choosing solar energy is to attain energy independence. Due to this, you will need a properly sized system. Ideally, the solar panels installed on your property should be enough to produce enough electricity to run your business or home.

Our unmatched solar panel installers in Orchard, TX, will visit your property for evaluation. We know that energy needs are different from one home to another. For example, if your home has many appliances running on electricity, the demand may be higher than those with gas-powered devices.

Additionally, businesses have various needs, and their electricity demands vary. The system needs to meet all the requirements. Our solar experts advise on any changes that may be necessary, such as removing obstacles and shade.

If you are installing the solar panels on the roof, it needs to have the right angle and orientation. Additionally, it should have enough space to hold the required number of solar panels. Thus, your system can be adequate to provide the electricity needed to run the home or business.

Our PV modules installers in Orchard, TX, have years of experience. They have designed various systems for different clients. This experience allows us to develop the best PV system for you to meet your energy goals.

Solar Energy for Businesses in Orchard, TX

Both small and large businesses can benefit from using solar energy to power operations. The rising cost of electricity also affects businesses’ bottom line. Many commercial premises are choosing solar energy. You can install solar panels on roofs of commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and others. Business owners can also choose solar carports.

When you choose solar for your business, you enjoy free energy costs. Since most businesses run during the day when the sun is shining, you exploit the resource effectively. Solar energy is beneficial to business owners as they get protection from price volatility.

Additionally, businesses enjoy energy security. Due to over-reliance, the grid can experience outages, which can affect the business. When you have solar, you have your energy production.

The biggest and best brands in the US are now switching to solar energy. At Dynamic Slr, we offer the best commercial solar installation services in Orchard, TX. When you reach out to us, you will talk to our solar experts to schedule a visit to your business assessment.

In this age of environmentally conscious clients, it serves to your advantage when you choose solar energy. Your business receives the green credit, which can also increase your profits.

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solar

When you install solar panels, you have the option of connecting to the grid or not. Each of these options has various advantages. For a grid-tied system, you will not incur the added costs of buying a solar energy system. The grid acts as the storage for the electricity that your system generates.

Additionally, when you connect to the grid, you enjoy the utility company’s buyback option. This incentive allows you to receive credit when your system produces excess electricity. You can then later use the accumulated units if there is low production, especially during cloudy days. This benefit makes connecting to the grid a great option.

Some homeowners also choose an off-the-grid system due to the stability and independence it brings. However, this option requires that you dig deeper into your pocket to buy sufficient solar storage capacity. Having adequate storage capacity ensures you are covered even on cloudy days when production dips to about 25%.

As a homeowner, you can also choose a hybrid system when you have solar storage capacity and connect to the grid. In this option, you store the excess energy in the storage, and once they are full, you can supply the surplus to the grid. At Dynamic Slr, we are your go-to option for all your PV installation needs. Talk to us today for more information.