Solar Energy North Cleveland, TX

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According to Project Sunroof data explorer, North Cleveland, TX, has 1.5k MW DC solar potential. If the viable roof space of 104K sq ft were to hold solar panels, the city would produce about 1.9K MWh AC per yr. Homes without ideal installation roof can also go for ground-mounted solar.

Incoming solar radiation is reflected in space at about 30%, while clouds, oceans, and lands absorb the rest. Also, the world can survive for a year using the energy harvested from one hour of sunlight. This abundance of the sun makes it an ideal alternative to fossil fuels.

If you want to enjoy free electricity, solar is the way to go. Our top solar panel installers in North Cleveland, TX, make the process for going solar seamless. At Dynamic Slr, we also source our solar products from leading manufacturers. As a result, the products have long-term warranties as a guarantee of quality.

Solar Energy Incentives in North Cleveland, TX

Did you know that the US has an installed solar capacity of 88.9 GW? Also, the industry has experienced remarkable growth over the last decade at 49% per year. According to EIA, solar makes up 1.7% of the total US electricity.

This growth in the solar industry did not happen overnight. There have been continuous efforts aimed at encouraging people to go solar. State and federal governments have enacted laws pushing solar energy installation. There are several laws and enacted policies that promote solar energy growth.

The Federal Tax Incentive

In efforts to encourage solar energy use, the federal government introduced the ITC in the early 2000s. Utility-scale, commercial and residential solar energy projects enjoyed 30% of the total installation costs as a tax credit during this time. This percentage helped to lower the cost of solar significantly for project owners.

Additionally, this increased solar demand made it possible for manufacturers to scale production, leading to lower solar costs. Over a decade ago, solar cost around $8.50 per watt. Currently, the cost of solar in North Cleveland, TX is $2.9 per watt, which is a significant drop.

At the moment, the ITC is at 26%. Over the past few years, the government has issued several phasedown calendars for this law. This incentive was to reduce to 22% this year and end in December for residential installations. Commercial installations were to continue enjoying the policy at a reduced 10% next year. However, the government extended it for two more years.

The ITC calendar is as follows:

  • 26% in 2021 to 2022
  • 22% in 2023 ending December for Commercial installations
  • 10% for commercial installations in 2024.

This extension is welcome news for home and business owners in North Cleveland, TX, who want to switch to solar. The high percentage drastically reduces costs. For example, if you were to own the 6 kW system, it would cost about $17,400 without the incentive. When you deduct the federal subsidy, the cost reduces to $ 12,876.

We encourage you to reach out to solar panel installers in North Cleveland, TX, to start the process today. This way, you will save several thousands of dollars in installation costs. It also means that you will pay up the solar project much more quickly, saving you more money.

The Buyback Option

Going solar presents an opportunity to save money. One of the ways you can do so is by connecting to the grid. Utility companies offer the solar buyback option. Under this incentive, you receive credit when your system generates excess electricity.

This credit covers your consumption when you need to draw electricity from the grid. During cloudy days, systems production can reduce to about 25%.  Maintenance or repair can also reduce efficiency. It’s worth noting that solar energy requires minimal maintenance if installed correctly.

Also, you need a properly sized system that can generate enough energy to give you adequate credit. Our leading solar panel installation company in North Cleveland, TX, offers clients reliable services.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption.

Did you know that when you install solar panels, your property value increases? Another added benefit homeowners have experienced after installing PV modules is that their property resale value increases by about 4%. For this reason, the state offers a 100% property tax exemption on this appraised value.

Apart from this policy, the state also has a bill preventing HOAs from preventing solar panel installation on properties. Installing solar power comes with numerous financial and environmental benefits. Take advantage of the existing incentives and choose solar energy today.