Solar Energy New Territory, TX

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Solar energy was previously known as the energy of the future. Well, the future is here. Today, solar panels have about 20% efficiency, therefore, the energy produced is enough to power homes and industries. All you need is an accurately sized solar energy system.

There are over 88 gigawatts (GW) of solar across the country. The list keeps growing and projections show it will exceed 100GW by the end of this year. Generally, the environmental impact has been phenomenal, with over 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions voided.

At Dynamic Slr, we help homeowners and businesses to achieve a seamless switch to solar energy. We will not only help you with the permits but also design a system to make you proud. Our solar module installers have the latest equipment. We also have all state-mandated licenses and are covered by insurance, thus protecting your home.

Have a Flat Roof? We've Got You Covered

As a New Territory, TX resident, you do not have to worry if you have a flat roof. You may have heard that it disqualifies you from installing solar panels. However, this is not the case. Solar installation on such roofs requires utmost care and professional installers.

Our solar panel installers will design and install the system to allow maximum sun harnessing. We will also ensure the system can self-clean and drain water when it rains to prevent damage.

Solar Incentives in New Territory, TX

In about 10 years, the cost of solar has dramatically reduced. One of the contributing factors is continuous growth and innovation in this sector. Even with the reduced prices, someone may have stated the cost of going solar is steep.

Federal ITC

With this realization, the federal government decided to make solar installations much more attractive by introducing tax credit. The incentive led to a 52% growth in solar installations since its introduction. It began at 30%, reduced to 26%, and right now, we are at 22%.

The federal government will scrap off the ITC for residential properties next year. However, commercial installations will still enjoy a 10% tax credit. If the incentives you receive exceeds your total tax deduction, they roll it over to the following year.

Both residential and commercial installations will significantly benefit from the 22% credit this year. At Dynamic Slr, we also install commercial systems in New Territory, TX. Talk to our leading solar panel installers for more information. We provide quality products with a long-term warranty.

Property Tax exemption

Solar panel installation increases your home value by about 4%. Usually, you should to remit property tax based on the value of your home. The state offers you a 100% tax exemption on the appraised value of the house. How can you turn such an offer down?

Buyback Option

Your solar power system can produce more energy than you need. When connected to the grid, you supply the surplus energy to the system for distribution to other users. Most electricity companies provide an opportunity to buy back the excess energy for credit. This allows you to draw from the utility company without a charge when there is low productivity. Remember, during cloudy days, solar panels can reduce production by about 25%.

Benefits of Solar Energy in New Territory, TX

Choosing solar energy to power your home or business in New Territory, TX, has an economic and environmental impact. The number one benefit is the ability to save money for utility bills.

Potential Savings

After reaching solar breakeven, you virtually power your home for free. Some homeowners have achieved this within the first 4 years of installing solar panels. However, within 8-9 years, you will have fully repaid the investment. For the next 16 years, you enjoy free energy, potentially saving about $30000.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Solar energy provides clean energy. When you install PV modules in your home, you become part of the global warming solution by reducing your carbon footprint. A typical household that installs solar panels reduces about 3–4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Choosing Solar in New Territory, TX

There are many benefits of choosing to install solar energy. At Dynamic Slr, we will walk with you through this exciting journey. Our relationship is long term as you can tell from the product warranties. Call us today. Let’s start the conversation.