Solar Energy Nassau Bay, TX​

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Human beings have used passive solar energy for centuries. However, the invention of silicon photovoltaic cells in 1954 by Bell laboratories made it possible to use active solar. Currently, solar power makes up 1.7% of US electricity at 88.9 GW installed capacity. Projections show that this capacity will increase in the next five years to 107 GWdc.

With 92% of viable roof space at 2.6M sq ft, Nassau Bay, TX, offers an exciting solar panel installation opportunity. If that space were to be covered with panels, they would generate about 45.6K MWh AC per yr (project Sunroof data explorer). Roofs are not the only place to install solar panels; you can choose to use ground-mounted solar if the roof is not ideal.

Solar energy is crucial in helping the world meet the clean and sustainable energy goal. It is abundant, and it is inexhaustible. If you want the best solar panel installers in Nassau Bay, TX, you can talk to Dynamic Slr. We provide quality solar products and unmatched installation services.

Benefits of Solar Energy

For a resource, solar energy offers numerous benefits. Home and business owners can benefit from switching to solar power.

Saving Money with Solar

One of the benefits that you will enjoy is saving money with solar energy. The PV system is an investment that will comfortably pay itself within a few years. Some homeowners have reported reaching a solar break-even within the first four years. However, if you allocate the electricity bill to pay for solar, you can pay it within 8-9 years.

After the payback period, you continue to enjoy free electricity to power your home for decades, continually saving you money. Solar costs an average of  $2.77 per watt in Nassau Bay, TX. a 6 kW system is ideal for most homes in this area. Hence, homeowners can spend about $12,299 to install the system.

This amount reduces from $16,620 because of the ITC. In the early 2000s, the federal government sought to encourage users to install solar panels by introducing the investment tax credit. The incentive was at 30% of the total installation cost during inception.

However, the government is phasing down the credit gradually. Currently, homeowners enjoy a 26% after the phasedown extension for two more years. The tax credit for the 6kW system is $4,321, reducing the installation costs drastically.

Total Cost 2.77 × 6000 = $ 16,620

ITC incentive 26% × 16,620 = 4,321.2

Net Cost 16,620 – 4,321.2 = $12,298.8

As a result of the incentive, homeowners can pay the system quicker using the annual $1,500 electricity bill. On average, a homeowner can save over $30,000 within the first 30 years of the solar PV system.

Repayment duration 12,298.8 ÷ 1500 = 8.1

The period after repaying the system 30 – 8.1 = 21.9

Total amount saved within 30 years 21.9 × 1500 = 32,850

As you can see, solar is a worthy investment. With it, you can significantly save costs. You should install solar panels before the percentage reduces.

Saving the Planet with Solar

It is natural to take care of our neighborhood, and the planet is no different. Human activities are slowly and steadily degrading the earth. For this reason, global leaders meet regularly to discuss how to alleviate these effects.

One of the devastating results of human activities is climate change. According to the Paris Agreement, leaders agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the planet from getting warmer. One of the ways the world can achieve this is by using clean energy.

Currently, most economies rely on fossil fuels to operate. Texas heavily relies on fossil fuels at over 67%. Using fossil fuels leads to climate change. When economies adopt solar, they alleviate the devastating effects of global warming. The percentage of solar usage in Texas lags at 1.1%.  However, as more homeowners go solar, this percentage is bound to increase.

If all the solar energy viable roofs in Nassau Bay, TX, adopted solar, they would help void about 22.2K metric tons of carbon dioxide. To put it into perspective, it is equal to removing 4.7K passenger cars off the road for a year or growing 569K tree seedlings for 10 years. Using solar energy has a positive impact on the environment.

Additionally, solar panels do not cause emissions when generating electricity, which improves the air quality. At Dynamic Slr, we offer reliable solar panel installation services in Nassau Bay, TX, for a better planet. Talk to us today.