Solar Energy Montgomery, TX

Do you want to go solar in Montgomery, TX and enjoy its benefits? Dynamic is here for you.

Can you think of a bigger and better energy source than the sun? Solar energy is abundant and easily accessible than most sources of clean energy. As long as the sun is shining, all you need are solar panels and a storage system. Also, solar panels do not require direct sunlight to produce electricity.

The solar innovation has been getting better with time. The solar panel efficiency has increased from 6% to over 20%. Some solar panels have a high-efficiency percentage of 27%. However, they come at a higher cost.

Are you looking for solar panel installers in Montgomery, TX? We’ve got you covered. We excel at sizing and designing highly effective solar energy systems for residential and commercial premises. We also provide high-quality solar products with long term warranties. Reach out to Dynamic Slr for a free solar quote.

Solar Energy Uses in Montgomery, TX

You can power anything with solar, like you do traditional electricity. Solar panels produce electricity to run manufacturing operations and provide lighting. This aspect makes it an ideal option for businesses to reduce costs and have a reliable energy source.

Homeowners also install  PV systems to offset energy costs and send excess power to the grid. You can also store surplus energy in a solar storage system.

Installing solar panels gives you energy independence and eliminates excess energy. It also gives your home a modern touch. Our leading solar panel installers in Montgomery, TX, will install an effective system allowing you to add clean energy to the grid.

Solar Energy Saving in Montgomery, TX

As a business or homeowner, you derive numerous benefits from solar panel installation. The primary benefit is saving you money. For a system with a 30-year warranty, you can save over $30,000 by the time the contract expires. Are you wondering how this is possible? Let’s look at a few calculations.

Solar Costs

First, we need to look at solar costs. The average price of solar in Montgomery, TX, is $2.8 per watt. Also, most homes in this area can rely on a 6 kW system. Generally, such a system will cost around $12,432 if you subtract the ITC.

The ITC refers to the investment tax credit incentive. The federal government introduced this policy in the early 2000s to drive solar panel installation. Home and business owners enjoyed a 30% tax credit of the total PV installation costs during its introduction. As the incentive is being phased down, it has reduced to 26%.

Total Solar Costs: 2.8 × 6000 = 16800

ITC calculation: 26% × 16800 = 4,368

Net Cost( Solar cost – ITC) 16800 – 4368 = 12,432

Savings Cost

Solar PV investment pays back by getting rid of the electricity bill allowing you to allocate the amount to pay for the PV system. On average most homes in Montgomery use about $1,500 on the electricity bill. When you set aside this amount to pay for solar, you can reach break-even in the 8th year. Meaning, for the rest of the warranty period, you will enjoy free electricity.

Repayment Duration: 12,432 ÷ 1,500 = 8.3

Warranty period 30 – 8.3 = 21.7

Total Saving: 21.7 × 1,500 = 32,550

As you can see, solar energy is a worthy investment. Solar panels will also continue to work after the warranty expires, saving you more money. You can install solar panels when the percentage is still high to enjoy more returns. The ITC will be phased out by the end of 2023. It will also reduce to 22% in the course of that year.  

Notably, commercial solar panel installations will continue to enjoy a reduced incentive of 10% in 2024. You can talk to our team for a breakdown of this incentive. We handle commercial and residential solar panel installation services in Montgomery, TX.

Environmental Impact

Another benefit of solar energy extends to its positive impact on the environment. Solar panels do not have emissions when generating electricity, which is contrary to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have been the leading cause of global warming.

Since the world cannot do without energy, it is crucial to invest in environmentally friendly sources—water, wind, and solar. The easiest to exploit is solar. As many homes adopt solar energy, they help reduce GHG emissions.

The US has currently voided about 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from using solar energy. Reach out to Dynamic Slr today and help save the planet by choosing solar energy.