Solar Energy Magnolia, TX

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The solar industry is rapidly expanding, and many home and business owners are choosing to use solar. Over the last decade, the cost of solar reduced by over 70%. This reduction in prices has made solar energy much more affordable. The growth in the industry has also given us better PV modules with higher efficiency.

Solar energy makes sense as it the most abundant source of energy. It is inexhaustible because one hour of its energy is more than enough to power the whole world for a year. Solar energy is also attractive because it cannot be metered to influence the market price.

With over 67% of viable roof space at 532K sq ft in Magnolia, TX, solar energy is a great option. If solar PV modules covered that roof space, they would generate about 9.6K MWh AC per yr. If you want professional solar panel installers in Magnolia, TX, you can reach out to us at Dynamic Slr. You can send us your electricity bill for a free solar quote.

Solar Energy Incentives in Magnolia, TX

The growth of the solar industry has taken targeted campaigns and federal and state government incentives. As a result, solar panel installations have continued to grow at an average of 49% annually since the early 2000s. The decline in costs has also facilitated this remarkable growth.

Federal Tax Incentive

You would not be wrong to attribute most of the growth of the solar industry to this incentive. Since its introduction in 2006, the solar industry has experienced significant growth. The rebate began at 30%. Home and business owners would get a 30 percent tax credit of the total installation cost.

The government has planned a phase-down strategy for this incentive. It was to end by December this year after being reduced to 22% for the entire year. However, it will end in 2023 for residential installations. Commercial installations will still enjoy a 10% ITC in the year 2024. The government extended the current 26% for another two years.

Home and business owners receive significant credit, which reduces the total installation cost. You should take advantage of this incentive while it still lasts. You can talk to us at Dynamic Slr so that we can get you started on the big switch.

Buyback Option in Magnolia, TX

Homeowners install solar energy so that they can enjoy energy freedom. One way to do this is to ensure your system generates enough electricity to meet all your household needs. Excess energy from your system also allows you to benefit from the utility company’s credit offer after connecting it to the grid. As a result, you can use this earned credit to cater for the energy you draw from the utility company when your system production is low.

Some factors, such as cloudy days, can affect your system’s production. Maintenance or repairs can also interfere with your PV’s daily output requiring electricity from the grid. The credit you earn overtime guarantees that you are not left in the dark.

For you to have excess energy, it is good to have a perfectly sized PV system. Additionally, you should install the PV modules in areas without shade or obstruction. To achieve this, you need to use the best solar panel installers in the market. At Dynamic Slr, we are as advertised. You experience friendly service from the moment you call us. Our installers are locally-based and highly experienced to give you the best PV system.

100% Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

There are significant benefits of switching to solar. First, you can save money, participate in solving climate change, and giving you energy freedom. Installing solar panels on your property also has a direct effect on its value.

Residentials that install solar panels enjoy a 4% property value increase. Such an increase can mean an increase in your property taxes. However, the state offers homeowners 100% renewable energy property tax exemption on the increased value when installing solar panels.

Notably, the state also prohibits HOAs from preventing solar panel installation. There may be guidelines around this law. However, the association cannot ban solar modules. This protection from the state is an added incentive for solar panel installation.

If you are looking for a residential or commercial solar panel installation company in Magnolia, TX, we are the people to call. We help ease the process of switching to solar by obtaining the necessary permits. After solar PV installations, we also monitor the system to ensure it is working as it should. We can also provide maintenance tips to keep your system in perfect condition. We are waiting to hear from you.