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Did you know that the world can depend on an hour of solar energy for a full year? Such is the potential found in using the sun for energy. In 1954 Bell Laboratories developed silicon photovoltaic cells paving the way for a new era of harnessing solar energy to power economies.

One of the early adopters of solar energy was the space industry. The first satellite to use solar energy was known as Vanguard 1. It has logged over 6 billion miles since it was launched. The space exploration industry continues to use solar energy to power various missions.

When you install solar panels, you join the over 2.6 million homes using solar today. Are you looking for the best solar panel installation company in Liberty, TX? Look no further than Dynamic Slr. Our team of solar experts will walk you through the process of switching to solar.

Save Money with Solar in Liberty, TX

Solar energy is a good investment for your home or business. When it comes to business, they can enjoy a stable source of electricity without price volatility risk. Thus, ensuring business owners can enjoy more profit when they choose solar.

Homeowners also get to save money significantly with solar. Before the 30-year warranty mark, homeowners can save more than $30,000. Are you asking how this is possible? Well, to effectively calculate this amount, you need to include the ITC incentive.

Since the early 2000s, home and business owners have been enjoying the investment tax credit. It was at 30% when it was introduced. Home and business installers would receive a 30% tax credit of the total solar panel installation cost.

The government has been working on phasing down this incentive by gradually reducing the percentage and scrapping it off after a few years. Currently, this ITC is at 26% as it received a two-year extension. You can install solar panels as soon as possible and enjoy this high percentage.

Solar Cost Calculations

Solar costs in Liberty, TX are about 2.77 per watt. An average homeowner can power their homes using a 6kW system. To buy such a system, you would need about $12,299 after deducting the ITC incentive.

Total Cost 2.77 × 6000 = $16,620

ITC incentive 26% × 16,620 = 4,321.2

Net Cost 16,620 – 4,321.2 = $12,298.8

Savings Calculations

When switching to solar, most homeowners choose to pay the system using the $1,500 annual electricity bill. As a result, they can pay the system by the 8th year. Once you repay the system, you now enjoy free electricity for the entire solar array’s lifetime. You can save around $32,000 before the 30th year.

12,298.8 ÷ 1500 = 8.1

30 – 8.1 = 21.9

21.9 × 1500 = 32,850

Solar panels can generate electricity for about 40 years. The solar warranty period covers the solar degradation, which is about 1% annually. Areas with cooler climates have reduced degradation at about 0.01% annually.

Due to this, homeowners continue to use free electricity for a few more years. Effectively maintaining the system can keep it generating electricity for more years. Shading also affects solar panel’s productivity and can eventually lead to damage.

For this reason, you need to ensure you have skilled solar panel installers in Liberty, TX, to handle the installations. Apart from eliminating shade to avoid damaging solar panels, we also give you tips to manage your PV system.

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid PV System

One of the ways you can enjoy solar panels is by tying them to the grid. With this option, you benefit from the buyback option. As you use the grid as storage for your excess energy, you also receive credit. This credit allows you to use the grid’s power at no cost when your system has low production.

Issues such as cloudy days or maintenance can affect your production. In those days, you need power, and the grid meets your demand. Homeowners can use a hybrid of the solar storage system and the grid. It gives you more control of your energy.

Alternatively, you can choose to use a storage system and not connect to the grid. Doing this gives you much more energy freedom. It also eliminates your electricity bill. However, for all these options to work, you need to have an effectively sized system.

We not only look at your electricity bill to determine your energy demand but also visit your property for evaluation. We assess the property during this visit to see if it meets the installation requirements and advise accordingly. Our Dynamic Slr panel installation team is ready to serve you. Reach out to us for a free solar quote.