Solar Energy Kemah, TX

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Solar makes up about 1.7% of total electricity generated in the US. This percentage shows solar a deficit in solar installations in homes across the US. In Kemah, TX, there is about 89% of viable roofs with a 1.6M sq ft space (Project Sunroof data explorer). If solar panels covered that space, they would generate about 29.7K MWh AC per yr.

Notably, PV modules are not restricted to roof installation. Home and business owners can opt for ground-mounted solar. Carports are also widely used to boost the electricity harnessed. Business owners can choose parking lots to locate a well-sized solar PV system to power their operations.

Since the first silicon solar panel in 1954, the technology has continued to improve. Solar energy also offers great rewards. You can help reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. If you want the best solar panel installers in Kemah, TX, we are the people to call. At Dynamic Slr, we provide quality solar products with long term warranties.

Why Choose Solar in Kemah, TX

The annual average peak sunlight hours in Kemah, TX, are 2800 hours making it ideal for solar panel installation. It guarantees that your PV system can produce enough electricity to meet your needs. Apart from this factor, there are other reasons for you to choose solar today.

First, solar energy allows you to save money. You can save over $25,000 within the first 25 years of installing solar panels. Additionally, the solar cost has fallen drastically since the early 2000s where it was $77 per watt—currently, solar costs about 2.7 per watt in Kemah, TX.

Due to these reduced costs, solar is much more affordable. The solar investment tax credit (ITC) further reduces this cost. At the moment, home and businesses enjoy a 26% tax credit when they install solar PV modules.

Photovoltaic cells are now much more efficient than ever. The highest tested solar panel efficiency is at 47.1%, which shows the excellent innovation potential in this field. Currently, solar panels have an efficiency of about 22%. However, you can purchase some at 27%.

This increased efficiency improves productivity and reduces the number of solar panels that you would need. Our solar experts in Kemah, TX, ensure they design the system well to guarantee enough energy production.

Rising Electricity Costs in Kemah, TX

It is a fact that the cost of electricity has been increasing annually. This increase is contrary to solar panel costs, which has enjoyed a steady price decline. When you choose to go solar, you shield yourself from these increasing costs. The current average cost of electricity in Kemah, TX is about $1,500. There is an expectation that the price will increase as fossil fuel costs rise or diminish in various places.

Supposing you invest in solar panels, by the 8th year, you will have reached solar break-even. Therefore, you will be enjoying free electricity for the entire solar panels’ lifespan. There is a great potential of saving over $30000. Such is the freedom you acquire when you go solar.

Solar Energy for Property Value Increase

There is an immediate effect on your home’s value when you install solar panels on your property. As a homeowner, your property’s value increases by about 4%. Also, if you decide to sell your home, it finds a buyer easily.

The state makes it possible for you to enjoy a 100% renewable energy property tax exemption for the appraised property value. Did you know that your HOA laws cannot prevent solar panel installations on your property? These are enough reasons to reach out to our top solar panel installers in Kemah, TX.

Solar Panel Installation Company in Kemah, TX

The company you choose to install solar panels on your premises matters. First, as a home or business owner, you need skilled and qualified solar panel installers. There are a lot of components involved in installing a working PV system. Issues such as solar panel and inverter sizing require experts.

A locally-based solar panel installation company is also a plus. We fully understand the local weather and requirements, such as the roof’s orientation.

Additionally, top solar module installers in Kemah, TX, should have the necessary licenses. These licenses cover home improvement and contracting. General liability insurance is also essential. They should also be able to apply for permits effectively. Our solar experts are unmatched in these areas and more. We also have all the required documents. Contact us at Dynamic Slr for quality services.